International Day of the Girl Child- Things to Teach Your Daughter About Her Body

Your daughter is going to get answers from somewhere, so it’s up to you to make sure the information she’s getting is factual and complete.

As your daughter gets older, before she even begins puberty, you might notice that she’s showing interest or curiosity in her body. That’s okay. become her best friend, encourage her to ask questions or begin a conversation to determine what and exactly how much she knows– and gauge what and how much to tell her.

Puberty often commences earlier than parents think. Breast budding in girls–their first sign of puberty–starts at age 10 normally, with some girls starting as soon as 8 and others not starting until 13. The peak growth period (in height, weight, muscle mass, etc. ) in girls occurs about one full year after puberty has started. Menstruation (period) usually starts off about two years after the onset of growing up; on average, the first menstrual time period occurs just before girls convert 13.


There are many opportunities during this time of life for you to talk to your daughter about the changes she’s experiencing. Your daughter needs to understand the physical changes that will occur in her body during puberty. You should emphasize that these changes are part of the natural process of growing into adulthood, stimulated by hormones (chemicals that are produced by the body.

Getting your Daughter Ready for Puberty


Talk to your daughter about the pursuing physical changes that will happen during puberty. All of the changes are listed in the order in which they generally occur.

Physique fat

Her body will get started to build up fat in the tummy, buttocks and legs. This kind of is normal and provide her body the curvier condition of a woman.


In most girls, puberty is more commonly recognized by breast growth. When her breasts commence to develop, she  may notice small, soft lumps under one or both nipples that will get bigger over the years to come. Whenever the breasts first commence to develop it is not unusual for one breast to be larger than the other. However, as they develop, they will almost certainly even out before they reach their last condition and size. While her breasts develop, Some girls feel that wearing a bra for the first time is exciting—it is the first step toward becoming a woman! However, some girls feel embarrassed, especially if they are among the first of their friends to need a bra. Be supportive and sensitive to her needs and reactions.puberty

Body hair

Soft hair will learn to grow in the pubic area. This hair will eventually become thick and extremely curly. She may notice hair under her biceps and triceps and on her hip and legs. Many ladies will question whether or not they should shave this curly hair. There is not any medical reason to shave; it is simply a personal choice. In the event that she decides to shave, be certain to teach her to use warm normal water and soap, and a clean razor made for women. It is a great idea for her to use her personal razor or electric shaver and not share one with family members or friends.

Height and weight

Arms, legs, hands, and feet may grow faster than the rest of her body. Until the rest of her body catches up, she may feel more clumsy than usual. Typically, a growth spurt precedes the onset of her period.


Many concerns about puberty center on menstruation. Spend time helping your daughter put together for her first period. There is no reason for a girl to be surprised by the first onset of her period (menarche), not knowing what is going on or why. Remember, menstruation may get started sooner than you anticipate. Certainly, once your daughter’s breast development has started, the both of you should completely discuss the main subject of menstruation. If you do not have enough knowledge, ask your family physician to refer you to some informational resources. Some doctors schedule special educational visits during growing up.

Go over the biology of menstruation, describing it as a regular bodily process. Mention that her periods may be irregular, particularly in the beginning, as her body adapts to rapid physical changes. Also, make her aware that several a few months before her first period, fluid may be produced by glands within her vagina. It may be clear or white in color and watery to thick in consistency.

Explain that she may experience some cramping before or during her periods. If aches become severe, her doctor may have some ideas for alleviating them, such as workout or medication such as ibuprofen or naproxen sodium.

Of course, discuss hygiene related to menstrual cycles. Be certain your daughter has the items she will need for her first period. Seeing that she may be away from home when that first period begins, discuss how to use bouchon or pads. She should understand the need to change her pads or tampons several times a day and this tampons should not be worn right away. Of course, girls can and toilet bathe while menstruating.

Many ladies will ask if they can participate in activities such as swimming, horseback driving, physical education classes during their periods. Reassure your daughter that she can take part in normal activities while menstruating. Workout can sometimes even reduce the cramps associated with periods.


Her body will get wider and her waist will get smaller. This physical change also plays a part in the curvier condition of your woman.

Skin area and curly hair

Her pores and skin may become greasier, and she will realize that she sweats more. This is due to her glands are growing, too. It is important to teach her to shower or bathe every day to keep her skin clean, and use a deodorant or perfume to keep odor and wetness under control. Irrespective of her best efforts to keep her face clean, she still may develop pimples or acne. This kind of is normal because her hormone levels are high. Almost all teenagers develop acne at one time or another. Whether her case is mild or severe, there are ways to keep acne under control. Talk to her doctor about treatment options for acne.

Things to Teach Your Daughter About Her Body

Bodies come in several shapes and forms

But somewhat than talking about your daughter’s physical appearance and weight, give attention to her health. She’ll get enough publicity to critical and impractical attitudes on body image from the media. In the event you obsess over the body–hers or your own–your daughter will pick up on it and develop the same obsession. Rather, encourage and support her by providing positive responses on things which may have not do with her body.

Be active and try new things

Although don’t force your girl to do or keep doing anything. The body is great for lots of things: laughing, playing sports, grooving, standing, thinking, learning and even more. Rather than focusing on her weight, encourage your daughter to keep active because of how it makes her feel or the friends she makes.

Take care of it, from head–and brain–to toe

“Adopt healthy eating habits, be active, and get enough sleep, inches says Dr. Unger. “Encourage your daughter to consume 3 regular meals and two healthy snacks, five fruits and vegetables per day, and limit the fizzy beverages she drinks. very well Personal hygiene and basic safety is important, too.

How functions

“The body is beautiful, but sometimes noises and smells come from it, ” says Missy Lavender, founder and executive director of Could Health Foundation and co-author of “Below Your Seatbelt: How to be Full of your Pelvic Area. ” Teaching your little girl about the different–and normal–parts and functions of the body, including the vagina, pelvic region and bladder, will help her feel more comfortable and confident with her body. You can be general and summary at this age, but use anatomically correct conditions to avoid confusion.

Sex and libido

Teach your little girl how to respect their self and her body, and speak about sex in the context of a supporting, healthy relationship. “Children are learning about sex from the very start, just watching the people around them, ” Lavender says. “Rather than focusing on the act of gender, you can lay the groundwork for a proper frame of mind about her body and the value of sharing it with someone who loves you about and respects her when she is more mature. ”

Privacy in person and online

When you should respect your daughter’s privacy, you should also know about what’s heading on with her–physically and socially. In conditions your woman understands, teach her what social media responsibility means: that anything posted online, including pictures of and information about herself, exists for anyone, any time to see. Join her while she’s on interpersonal media, which means you know who she’s reaching and what she’s posting, and limit her screen time.

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