5 ways to spice your water and increase your water intake #WorldWaterDay

Ginger Lemon Water


Ever heard of or tasted this kind of amazing drink which offers you the best of health improvements? The Ginger Lemon Drinking water is a tasty drink that can be made by adding lemon to water with a few slices of ginger. Both lemon and ginger have several medical properties apart from drinking water. Can make the beverage really healthy for the body system; it helps in successful digestion and detoxification, improve the power of the immune system and very much more. In all, the drink is fantastic refreshment for your body and the soul that you ought to definitely make an effort out this season.

 Strawberry Mint water

Strawberry Mint water

Every one of all of us loves strawberries. In truth, many women also keep pace with store these delightful vegetables and refrigerate them in order that they can be utilised throughout the year for preparing fantastic delicacies and in many cases cool and fantastic beverages. The Strawberry Mint Water is among the most delicious and awesome beverages that is made from strawberry and makes use of water as the primary ingredient. This is the best way to stay hydrated throughout the day for those who cannot drink plain water. In fact, it also helps increase the immune power of the body and is thus extremely healthy.

Apple Cinnamon water

Apple Cinnamon water

Who will not like apples or cinnamon? While we all know the multiple health benefits that apple offer us, cinnamon ideal control the blood candy thus keeping diabetes in balance and also boosts the energy level from the physique. Moreover, both are really delightful in taste and will give birth to a fantastic drink when added to water. Apple Cinnamon Water is thus 1 of the healthiest beverages you could try just about every season, particularly in the winters. The healthy refreshment can help you with your digestion and metabolic process and also has cleansing properties.

Raspberry Blueberry water

Strawberry Mint water Raspberry Blueberry water

We have already seen the health advantages of strawberries in Strawberry Mint Water.  Raspberries, moreover, are really rich options for vitamins, straightener, fiber and antioxidants that can help in stopping cancer, relieving morning sickness, strengthening the uterus and it is anti-ageing. You can right now imagine how healthy enjoy you are going to make do adding strawberries and raspberries to plain normal water. And doesn’t that also sound extremely delicious? You surely need to style this one! For an improved taste, you could refrigerate that and enjoy the awesome beverage!

Lemon Lavender water

Lemon Lavender water

The Lemon Lavender Drinking water is one of the perfect drinks to experience this season if you lead a busy and stressful lifestyle every time. While lemon possesses its own several benefits to offer, lavender helps you relax and get an improved sleep.

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