Importance of Nurses in Curing the Patients


If a person is ill, then for being well he not only needs medicines, but also an element called as care. As to get rid of disease a due care is required and this care is provided by nurse. Nurse is a lady who provides care to patients in order to gain the attainment, maintenance and recovery of the finest health for getting good quality of life. The whole treatment of the doctor depends on the fact that to which extend of efficiency she is playing her role. Not only care, she is also meant to provide moral support to patients, so as to endow a good environment to patients. Now we will discuss her roles and functions in treating the patients in the following manner:

Importance of Nurses in Curing the Patients

  • Giving Medicines

Medicines are a very important part of the patient’s treatment. It is necessary that medicines should be given at the proper time. As if they are not given on time, then their effects on health become negligible and thus the patient is not able to get rid of disease or problematic situation. So to provide medicine is the foremost duty and responsibility of nurse.

  • Paying Attention

Patients require full attention as sometimes it happens that medicines prescribed by doctors are not suitable for his or her body, he or she is giving symptoms of another disease or problem and he or she starts vomiting then in such a case she is the only person who handles such situations. Even she also cares about his or her diet, whether he or she is taking food at the right time or in proper quantity. She also observes whether any food product is negatively affecting the health of his or her body or not. If the patient is complaining about the issues related to the environment of the hospital, then she also resolves that type of issues.

  • Observation and Decision Making

In critical situations it is required to check the responses, symptoms and activities of victims after taking medicines, operation or surgery, then in such a situation she observes the responses, symptoms and activities of the diseased person. She takes the decision for processing the next step of treatment. She also makes decisions with respect to the analysis of their problems so as to provide better treatment. Even at some situations when the doctor is not available, then she herself provides treatment them.

  • Communication

Communication has an important role in every sphere of life. We can exchange our ideas by means of communication. Similarly, in medical field communication plays a vital role. The nurse should communicate with diseased person, his or her friends and family members and doctors in an effective manner. She can convince all of them by her best communication technique. She acts as mediator between diseased persons and doctors by means of her effective communication. Even her communication sometimes acts as counselling to him or her at the time when he or she loses hope to be fine and healthy.

  • Management

A hospital consists of a large number of diseased persons. These large numbers of victims require complete and strong management. It is the responsibility of her to do management of them one by one. She is only the person who decides which one should be treated first. She also manages the victims of emergency. She handles all the procedures from his or her (victims) entry to discharge. She also decides which one should be treated in which manner. The whole process of management is carried out under her control which proves to be a great responsibility.

  • Guidance

Each and every task is incomplete without proper and full guidance. Similarly, the guardians of the victim require full guidance to serve him or her in a better way. She guides the guardians how to deal with the victim, how much diet should be given to him or her, when and how the medicine should be given and which things should be avoided by the sufferer. Her faithful guidance is required to cure the sufferer immediately.

  • Reporting Against Issues

Nurse is a friend of the sufferer and she thinks not only for the well-being of the sufferer, but also the well-being of the hospital. She is the lady who understands the pain of the sufferer and fight against his or her rights. If a sufferer is not getting proper medical services and treatment then she can complain or report to the authority for such a task. Also, if she finds anyone who is destroying, stealing the property of the hospital and making its environment ill then it is the right and the responsibility of her to complain or report against that man or woman.

Thus, nurses are the important part of medical science. Bombay Hospital Indore produces good quality of nurses. Bombay Hospital Indore is the best college of nursing in India.

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