How to Identify Early Signs of ADHD -Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

How to Identify Early Signs of ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is condition which affects many people today. It is characterized by an inability to stay still or focused. Thus, people afflicted with the disorder have a pattern of not paying attention. They are also hyperactive and impulsive. As you would expect, this pattern has a negative effect on their performance at work or school. It also compromises their ability to form and maintain relationships.

But all people have short attention spans and cannot stay still, right? Yes, but that does not necessarily mean that they have the condition. So, what is the difference between normal behavior and ADHD? Well, with the latter, the severity and frequency of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness is higher. The person’s quality of life is also affected.

Signs and Symptoms of ADHD

Before you reach out and ask a doctor for ADHD medication, you need to know its symptoms. The symptoms fall under two categories; inattention and hyperactivity/impulsivity.

1) Lack of Focus – people with ADHD can never seem to focus on anything. Even listening to someone speaking directly to them is hard. Their attention is usually somewhere else. You will be lucky if you can get them to repeat what you have just told them.

2) Making Careless Mistakes – Since they hardly listen, affected people have trouble following basic instructions. As a result, they make careless mistakes in their schoolwork despite being intelligent.

3) Daydreaming – Even with ADHD, some people are often very quiet. They often stare into the distance and daydream, completely oblivious to what is happening around them.

How to Identify Early Signs of ADHD
How to Identify Early Signs of ADHD

4) Not Completing Tasks – Because of ADHD, people cannot remain still long enough to complete even a simple task. Even when they do stay still, they are fidgety or in contrast, daydream. As a result, they resent lengthy tasks or those which require concentration.

5) Selfish Behavior – ADHD results in the inability to factor in other people’s wants and feelings. As a result, they might commit social faux pas such as interrupting other people’s conversations. They also cut in line in queues because they cannot wait their turn. Unfortunately, some people often mistake this self-focused behavior for rudeness.

6) Untidiness – Without focus, organization is impossible. People with the condition are messy in their homework and household chores.

7) Forgetfulness and Losing Things – An affected person will be prone to losing personal belongings, school supplies such as books, and any personal belongings They can also forgetful and not punctual.

8) Agitation – ADHD keeps people in constant emotional turmoil. Thus, they are more likely to have emotional outbursts than their peers. Adults afflicted with the condition can be in a constant state of agitation.

9) Fidgeting – Fidgetiness is one of the easiest symptoms of ADHD to spot. People with ADHD will often squirm in their seats. And even when they are supposed to be seated, they will eventually need an outlet to let out their energy.


The symptoms of ADHD can be difficult to diagnose in older people. While some of the symptoms listed above are perfectly normal when they occur occasionally, you should consider consulting a physician if they become recurrent.

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