How to Suppress Your Stress with the Right Mattress

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buying a mattress

Have you ever had one of those sleepless nights with tossing and turning, then waking up the next day feeling too exhausted – as if you have not had enough sleep? Or those times when you wake up several times at night, blaming the monsters and heavenly creatures around your room?

Probably, the problem with these situations is the mattress you are using. Mattress matters in a good night sleep since you spend for about one-third every day in bed. Snoozing in the right one can lessen your sleepless nights and makes you feel well-rested as if you are ready to take on whatever life throws you.

Purchasing a new mattress may not be the answer to all your problems but prepare yourself to be surprised on how it could help reduce your stress level. Have you observed yourself feeling more relaxed and refreshed sleeping in a hotel’s bed rather than your own at the comfort of your home? This could be the main sign you were looking for all these times – you need to consider upgrading your mattress.

Though usually underestimated, a good and quality bed is more important than you think. If you have no comforting place to rest your body after a long tiring day at the office, you will notice that your mood and days are much more affected than the usual. After all, the primary cause of having an insufficient and discomforting sleep is, of course, a bad mattress.

When you let your body rest in its natural position, you give your muscles the chance to relax which helps you enjoy a refreshing deep sleep. According to Dr. Neil Kline, a spokesperson for American Sleep Association as well as its board certified sleep physician; mattress is important because it is the one thing that is closer to us than anything when we are sleeping. He added that an uncomfortable mattress could affect us negatively during night time. On the other hand, Bart Haex, the author of Back and Bed: Ergonomic Aspects of Sleeping elaborated that we can adjust and change our behavior during the day to adapt to a given situation. However, during night, we have no choice but to rely and depend on our mattress. If you wake up feeling stressful and uncomfortable, with back, shoulder, and neck pain, your mattress should be to blame.

buying a mattress

Mattress Matters

When you struggle just to have an adequate sleep at night, it can drastically increase your stress level which leaves you staring at the clock, wondering why the world has been too cruel to you. With that, being sleep-deprived cause your mental health to suffer and in the long run, you would experience depression and lack of concentration which could affect your daily life.

Keep in mind that just because a mattress is expensive, does not mean it is the best one ever existed. It might be just because of the material used, or the market which helps to sell. A good quality mattress would not let you spend much of your savings but instead, helps you save from expenses.

Based on the Bedroom poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, 92 percent of the respondents said that a comfortable mattress is important in achieving a good night sleep. Can you imagine how much energy you could gain and things that could be done if you wake up each morning feeling refreshed just because of a well-rested sleep?

Street Directory suggested that when it comes to buying a mattress, the most important factor you must consider aside from your convenience is your health. The characteristic of a good bed is one that is comfortable and firm enough that could support your sleeping process. Another critical aspect that you must assess when planning to purchase one is if it meets your needs and standards.

You might settle for less when choosing a mattress, but can you put a price tag on a good night sleep – especially if it helps you lose weight, improve your memory, curb inflammation, spur creativity, increase physical performance, and helps you live longer? Think about it: Purchasing a right and quality mattress may be luxurious, but it’s one of the great investments you deserve for your health.

Quick signs your mattress needs replacing

  • You feel pain and wake up exhausted all the time. If your mattress starts to sag in the middle and gives space to uneven sleep surface, there is a higher risk of getting back and muscle pain the moment you wake up since sagging mattress does not offer support for your spine. Just because its springs are not popping, does not mean it is still good to use. Wrong posture is a big no when you are awake, what more letting your body sleep on a bad mattress for at least 8 hours a day?
  • You twist and turn all night and can’t get back to sleep. Majority of people twist and turn all night just to find their most comfortable perfect spot to sleep soundly. An old, lumpy, and clumpy mattress makes this an endless cycle. It can take a while to find that sweet spot but with just one wrong slightly move, everything feels uncomfortable again which makes falling asleep impossible.
  • You encounter allergy symptoms. As your mattress gets older, it accumulates dead skin, body oils, and dust mites that can even reach up to ten million. If you are allergic to dust mites (which you probably do, because who is not?), you could suffer from a lot of sneezing, itching, coughing, colds, and watery eyes. Also, it can be most harmful to people who have asthma.

If these signs sound familiar, try assessing and considering your budget on buying a new mattress that you have been eyeing. Keep reading to be informed about how the right mattress could suppress your stress.

Why your mattress is the key for glee

Your mood depends on your sleep, and your sleep depends on your bed. In a 2009 study conducted by Jacobson, Boolani, and Smith, they compared sleep quality and stress-related symptoms between beds greater than five years and new medium-firm mattresses. The respondents were asked to evaluate their feeling and mood after sleeping for 28 days on their regular bed and another 28 days on the new mattresses. Results revealed that the new beds widely helped them in a significant decrease in stress, worrying, racing thoughts, nervousness, irritability, headaches, trembling, and more. They claimed that an increase in sleep quality and a decrease in pain were the product of sleeping on a firmer set-up.

Sleep is essential for keeping an excellent mental and physical health. One of the vital factors for making sure this happens is a good mattress to sleep on. A quality and high standard bed help your body to sleep soundly, store memories, and keep you alert for the next day.

Test drive your sleeping equipment before buying

Buying a mattress may be crucial since you need to consider some features and benefits. However, it is one of the great investments you could ever have, plus, it brings a lot of advantages.

Like cars and automobiles, you need to test drive and try the mattress you have been eyeing on for at least 20 minutes before deciding to buy. You would not want to spend hundreds or even thousands of your savings for the wrong mattress – that would not be called as an upgrade, but a significant degrade.

Be informed about the basics of a mattress before choosing the one that would satisfy your needs and requirements. To have a more realistic test, you could set up a staycation with your significant other to different hotels. If you find a certain mattress that suits you and your partner perfectly, ask the hotel clerk what brand and type is it.

Moreover, make sure the mattress feels comfortable and supportive especially in your favored position, without putting too much pressure on your body, as WebMD suggests. Never hesitate to ask the salesperson questions because it could make or break your mattress shopping.

Always remember that buying a right mattress is all about you – your sleep, your health, your life. Never compromise and do not be fooled.

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