Standing Up And Letting Go: Simple Ways On How To Quit Your Smoking Habits

Standing Up And Letting Go: Simple Ways On How To Quit Your Smoking Habits.

Addiction, if you’d ask what it is, it’s a long-term method for destroying yourself. So, if you want to end your life without jumping on tallest buildings or shooting yourself with a gun or even hanging yourself in the bathroom, be addicted to something. Perhaps, among the most popular addiction that’s “accepted” by society is smoking. For years, spanning as far as history can reach, cigarette smoking has been part of human’s lifestyle.


It has been passed from generation to generation and even blended in our culture. Everywhere, you would see people pleasuring themselves from this hidden addiction. The problem is that they’re not the ones who are being affected by their simple puff. Aside from killing themselves slowly, these smokers are putting the other people at risk. We all know that smoking can lead to or worsen our respiratory function.


It can lead to a lot of conditions like emphysema, asthma, pneumonia and the worst condition of all, lung cancer. It has taken thousands if not millions of lives over the years and until now; it still hurts a lot of smokers all around the country. The number of people who die from smoking is continually rising and we have but one solution to this, quit. Yes, that’s the only way you can free yourself from the grueling future caused by smoking addiction. It’s just one word but it’s a difficult journey. Those who made it can testify how good their lives are when they stopped puffing things. If you are one, then it’s about time you stand up and let go.


To help you get through with things, here are some practical but simple ways to at least slowly stop your smoking habits. They say practice makes permanent, so if you really do this every single time, you will surely master the art of letting go.


1. Acknowledge your condition.

You know it when it’s there. The problem is that, at times, smoking addicts always deny their condition. They still think it is okay where in fact it’s not. The first stop of your letting go journey is to accept that you are a victim. Know that you are struggling and don’t deny that you are addicted to smoking. That’s the door that you will open so that you can already start your walk towards freedom.


2. Taper It Down.

You can’t magically stop smoking in one blink of an eye. That’s very impossible. It rarely happens and you might think of it as a miracle. But it’s not the case of a regular smoking addict like you. You have to taper it down. Do it slowly. For example, you can pick one day in a week for example and make that particular day your special non-smoking day. Make it very special and really prepare for it. Later on, you can make that two days and then three days and on and on. However, a word of warning, don’t decide during periods of stress as it will worsen everything. Put your special day in your calendar and tell your friends and family to remind you of it.


3. Involve Your Family And Friends.

Families and true friends are the closest persons you are with. It’s best that you share your burden to them; you tell them your struggles with regards to your smoking addiction. They’re the best persons that will lend you a hand. Every single time you break your promises, don’t be afraid to tell it to them. Encouragements will really push you through. You can also visit your doctors if you want to have some medical help or advice. The bottom line here is that you involve other people especially those whom you meet every day to be a part of your support system during the entire process of stopping your addiction.


4. Prepare For Withdrawal.

If there’s one thing that makes quitting hard, it’s the withdrawal symptoms. That’s the worst stage you will ever encounter. However, you shouldn’t be afraid of this as this is pretty much common among those are brave enough to really stop their smoking addictions. Withdrawal symptoms include cravings; you will really be tempted to go back smoking up to the point where you’re already rationalizing everything. You’ll entertain thoughts like taking one stick will get you through it, you accept things like you really can’t do it and postpone the quitting until tomorrow. To stay away from this, don’t stay in situations where the desire for smoking will be triggered. You can also chew some things like candies if you really can’t take it. If none of these things work, just hold it for 10 minutes because, at that time, your cravings surely have passed.


5. Be Tough.

Motivation is the key that will get you through this ordeal. There will be times when you resolve for not smoking will slowly wane. If that happens, think about the benefits of not smoking, what it can do to your health and your life. Remember to adjust your focus. Instead of wasting your energy on smoking, do some workouts and other exercises. Surely it will make take your focus away from your addictions. With the money you have saved from your cigarettes, try to reward yourself and buy something for yourself.


These five steps will really help you get through your tough times. No one can help you with your struggles but yourself. So take the first step because it’s all that it takes to make it all happen. Quit smoking and live a fruitful life.

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