Learn How to Lose Your Body Fat without Losing Valuable Muscle Mass

First of all, it is extremely crucial to understand that weight loss and fat loss are two different things. Weight comprises of a number of factors like muscle, fat, glycogen and water. Even though we tend to say that we desire to lose weight through weight loss programs, in realty we basically want to lose our fat and not the muscles. One major way to lose fat is through the calorie-deficit way. When you consume fewer calories, your body tends to extract energy from the accumulated fat instead which results in loss of weight. But it is not always that your body follows your wish. In the process of extracting energy, the body can also rely on the lean muscle tissues beside the body fat or even both at times. So, this might result in loss of the muscles in some cases. But the good thing is there are ways to restrict this.

How to know that you are losing body fat and not muscle mass?

To make sure you are not losing your muscle mass, you should try to feel your agility, strength and power level. Muscles tend to take up a lot of glycogen, fat and proteins to function effectively. So, how to keep a check on this? Here are a few tips for you to know that you are on the right track:

  • Dropping pant sizes – No matter what happens, you can understand the fluctuations in your figure when you find out that your pant belt has somewhat become loose. If that’s the scene, you are completely on the right track. You are likely to lose the unwanted hip fats instead of the  muscle mass.
  • Examine with your eyes – Instead of trying to examine daily, try noticing a chance in your figure on a weekly basis. Look out for the major differences like sagging underarms or maybe flabby chests. If this is the case, then you are definitely losing muscles besides losing fat.
  • Open up your ears – Always take the advices and compliments from your friends and family into consideration. Listening to their observation can help you take a step further in the process of just losing fat instead of losing the hard-gained muscles. You will regain back your self confidence and feel motivated too.

What to do in order to lose only the fats and not the muscles?

There is no formula to stop our body from using energy just from the fats and nothing else. The body tends to use up energy from various sources, it can either be the accumulated fats or the muscles mass. Depending on the physical activities that you perform daily, what you eat, how much you eat, when you eat and how much water you actually consume and what weight loss supplements you take, the fat burning process in your body takes place. Everything together regulates the body to increase the metabolic rate that burns the extra fat content.

But, you needn’t to be disappointed as there are a few ways through which you can burn more of your fats and less muscle mass from your body. Wondering what should you do? Here are a few valuable tips for you:

  1. Consuming more protein – Yes, for building muscle mass, protein consumption is extremely necessary. Proteins can be found in eggs, animal protein and dairy products. One should maintain the limit of consuming high proteins excessively. A balanced diet with high proteins and lower carbs helps in the formulation of muscle mass while resulting in fat loss as well.
  2. Avoiding extremely low calorie diet – If you start consuming very low calorie diets, like HCG Diet, Low Carb Diet and Atkins diet then your body is likely to react in a different way and go into a starvation mode. Not only the body will lose the water content along with glycogen but also your muscle mass. Such diets can make you underweight and bring about bad changes in your health due to slower metabolism. The best way to make sure your diet is correct, try to lay stress on the quality of the ingredients you will consume and not the quantity of those ingredients.
  3. Do not completely say ‘no’ to carbohydrates – Carbohydrates included in your diet can cause weight gain but not consuming even a little amount of healthy carbs in your daily diet can be harmful for the body. Your body might not have sufficient amount of sugar which can be derived from the carbs in a certain amount. If you don’t provide your body with the required amount of nutrition the balance will be lost and you body might start losing the muscle mass.
  4. Eat breakfast after sparing some time– This is a good idea to help your body burn the extra calories in a natural way. Just delay your breakfast time a bit and see how effectively the fats deposited in your body get burnt. Do not skip breakfast in any condition or make your body starve because if you do so the results will be opposite. Just allow your body to take some time or period to burn the excess fat from the body.
  5. Reduce cardio exercises – We all know cardio exercises are great for our body and so these are good even as great fat burners. But exceeding cardio above the range of 45 minutes can alternatively affect your body. When your body undergoes excessive aerobic exercising, it starts burning the muscle tissues. Of course you don’t want that especially when your body is low on carbohydrate storage.
  6. Adapt resistance exercise – Adapting for resistance exercises can give you desirable fat loss results without burning your muscle mass. When the body goes through resistance exercises, it not just builds muscles but also burns some amount of fat from the body. Your metabolism level is also likely to increase which will help you burn the unwanted calories from the body.

Dieting and exercising are two sides of the coin where none of the sides can be given less importance. To ensure that your muscles stay toned-up and your body loses weight simultaneously, you have to adapt to a healthy lifestyle of eating best weight loss diet food along with enough of exercises to keep our body fit and fine.

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