How to Get Rids of your pimples with Honey

How to Get Rids of your pimples with Honey

Not so long I posted on how to get rids of your pimple with toothpaste, we got much response from our reader, telling us how great the post is, but today we will be talking about

How to get rids of your pimples with Pure Honey

we all know what Honey is, A sweet, sticky, yellowish-brown fluid made by bees and other insects from nectar collected from flowers, But what most of dont is is honey can be used to treat face acne, such as pimples
Pure honey contains several anti-oxidants and also has antibacterial properties that provide a natural defense and


fights against Bacteria causing Pimples

In order to get rids of those your face pimples with Honey follow this steps below
Things needed to get this done
1.    Undiluted Honey
Difficulties Level
Simple (Easy)

Steps to get rids of your face pimples with Honey

1.    Wash your face with warm water to get rids of oily from your face before moving to the Next steps
2.    Get A real and undiluted Honey
3.    Apply the honey to the affected part, where the pimples are
4.    Leave to dry up for an hour
5.    Wash your face with warm water
6.    Clean your face with a clean towel
Please note that, it is advisable to try this every morning and nights before going to bed, It is also advisable to clean your face with a clean and probably white towel

Popping pimples is not recommended because it can result in.

  1. Amanda says

    I have been using raw organic honey on my skin for about 8 months now. I wash my face with it 2xs a day. I cannot begin to describe how well this has worked for me. I used to suffer from moderate acne, and also occasional cystic acne. No more. I very rarely break out now, and if I do get a pimple, it is small and heals very quickly.
    My skin is no longer overly greasy or oily. Honey really does work. I highly recommend buying raw organic honey, as it has many more nutrients and benefits, but as with anything, you have to give it a fair shot. Give it at least a month to start really seeing the difference. I promise you wont be disappointed.

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