How to Cure Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are an embarrassing condition that affects one’s anal region. It is nothing but swollen veins or tissues present in the anal region. Depending upon its existence, there are two types of hemorrhoids are there. Hemorrhoids which are present in the internal pelvic region are said to be internal hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids which are present in the outer part of the pelvic region are said to be external hemorrhoids. If you want to get back your peace and comfort, you need to know how to cure your hemorrhoids.

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As the hemorrhoid tissues are very delicate, people experience much pain, itching and inflammation with their hemorrhoids. Not only on the hemorrhoid, but also the surrounding area will also cause pain and discomfort. Finding out if you are having internal hemorrhoids or not is very easy, as a person having internal hemorrhoids will usually see blood in his or her stool, a bright red blood or mucus discharge can be identified in their stools when they go to the toilet. This is the common symptom for internal hemorrhoids.

Generally, internal hemorrhoids cannot be seen through eyes as they are located inside the pelvic region. But in some cases, this internal hemorrhoid protrudes out of the anus and looks like an external hemorrhoid and this condition is known as thrombosis. Internal hemorrhoids do not cause any pain at all and the only problem you will experience with this is bleeding when you go to toilet. But external hemorrhoids are the problem you should worry because, it causes unbearable pain, discomfort and inflammation all the time and more when you are having bowel movement. External hemorrhoids can be easily located, as you touch them when you try to clean your anal area. This will looks like a small lump at first, if you did not take proper care for it, the lump will eventually increases and causes much pain. But what causes them and what are its cures?

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Causing hemorrhoids can be directly linked with your daily diet. If you eat food which do not contain much fiber, then the stool will become harder and passing of that through your anal canal requires much pressure. The pressure exerted on your anal veins causes the veins to strain a lot and become swollen. If the condition prolongs for a long time, then these swollen veins will get ruptured and causes bleeding in case of internal hemorrhoids and causes the vein to form a lump in case of external hemorrhoid, this lump is filled with blood.  Diarrhea is also one of the causes for getting hemorrhoids. If you are getting frequent diarrhea, then there will be much pressure exerted on the veins present in the anal. This will also cause hemorrhoids.

Some pregnant women attract hemorrhoids during the third month of their pregnancy; this is due to the increased weight of the baby causes much pressure on the veins present in the pelvic region which may cause hemorrhoids. You need to make sure that you avoid constipation during this time as constipation may worsen the condition. Avoid long sittings in the toilet during pregnancy.

Prevention is better than cure; you must take balanced diet with high fiber which avoids all problems and avoid long sittings in the toilet, exercise daily, which also brings you good health.

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  1. Andrew Lodzinski says

    Now many people face hemorrhoids. And the reasons for its appearance are increasing. My advice to you. Take care of your health.

  2. RossLillis says

    Thanks for this such a nice information. I am glad to know about the hemorrhoids treatments. This information can save the life of that person who is suffering from hemorrhoids problem.

    Thanku Very Much.

  3. Tim C. Maughan says

    I was wondering if it is a good idea to continue grappling while recovering from hemorrhoids though I’m taking HemAway Hemorrhoid Relief that helps a lot, but I don’t know whether it will aggravate it or not. I have an upcoming tournament next week that I’ve been training for since February and I really don’t want to cancel it.

  4. Jiro Miyashita says

    I had a constipation last week. I felt something blocking the rectal opening and impeding the dropping of fecal matter. I felt a small, pea-size shaped, hard painless lump near the opening of my anus. I do some research about it and I discover it was hemorrhoids

  5. Emily says

    Hi Temilola,
    My sister actually suffered from hemorrhoids when she was pregnant, and they say that it can run in the family. Well, thankfully my sister’s hemorrhoids got cured just by taking sitz baths and applying some hemorrhoid cream.
    The key is to never let yourself get constipated and drink lots of water. However, in my sister’s defense, she said she only got hemorrhoids because she was pregnant at the time which can really mess up a woman’s hormones! She said that no matter how many liters of water she gulped in a day, she still gets constipated!

    1. Temilola Waliu Globalwalyy says

      Hello Emily, wow hearing about your sister case i felt a lot of pity for her, i could not even imagine the type of pain she goes through…

      thank God she is now doing better…

  6. Theodore Nwangene says

    Hi Temi,
    This seems to be a very deadly disease indeed. I haven’t heard of it before and I’m even scared reading about it.

    I quite agree with you that prevention is really better than cure therefore, we have to take proper care of our health to ensure a healthy living.

    Thanks for sharing man.

    BTW: I couldn’t use the name you gave me to connect with you on facebook. Just send me a request with NWANGENE THEODORE.


    1. Temilola Waliu Globalwalyy says

      Yea Theo, its really a advisedly disease, but you don’t need to be scared, you are really a man…./

      Thanks for dropping your comment

      I will add you on Facebook

  7. Harleena Singh says

    Hi Micheal and Temilola ,

    Nice information about how to cure this dreaded problem of Hemorrhoids. I know of my close relative who suffers from it, and the pain is pretty unbearable. I shall forward your post to him.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Temilola Waliu Globalwalyy says

      Hey Herleena, you are right the pain is really unbearable, that is why we have Micheal to talk about the possible Cure to it…. And am Glad you like it, thanks for the share

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