How to Avoid Sickness Associated With Raining Season

How to Avoid Sickness Associated With Raining Season

The raining season is here once, so many people are happy and some are unhappy because during raining season get usually get sick and they prefer the dry season. Raining season is good but it always comes with some form diseases. The common illnesses during the rainy season are respiratory tract infection, pneumonia, dysentery, hepatitis, cholera, polio, and typhoid. Other health problems experienced during the rainy season include asthma, arthritis, skin diseases and cold (a cough, sneeze etc).
Perhaps the commonest illness during the rainy season is malaria. This is because when it rains, we have a lot of water collecting in drains and containers. There are also pools of water and the gutters become overflooded. In areas where they have poor drainage, you find that they have a lot of stagnant water and even in bushes you find water collecting on grasses.
The drop in temperature during the rainy season according to the public health expert could also negatively affect the health of people who are allergic to cold or those who are asthmatic. Such people could have more attacks during this period.
The way we live most times are the actual cause of most of these raining season associated diseases, for example, poor sanitation might lead to an outbreak of diseases, lack of cleanliness and dirty surroundings. Most of the diseases are either air-borne or water-borne.
So then! How do we avoid them?
  • Always drink boiled water only during the wet season in order to prevent diseases like cholera, dysentery and several other diseases.
  • The eating of warm, liquid and easy to digest food is also recommended. Moreover,  doctors say it is healthy to wear dry and clean clothes and exercise for 30 minutes daily in order to avoid many diseases.
  • Make sure you do proper sanitation always and most especially during the raining season, ensure that no stagnant water is lodging around your environment. When nothing is done to eliminate this stagnant water, mosquitoes go there and lay their eggs and before you know it, there will be a circle of infection and this is why we have a high incidence of malaria attack during this season.
  • Keep yourselves warm during the cold season by wearing proper clothing, avoid excessive exposure to the rain. “You can take hot or warm water when you have catarrh as it helps to liquefy the substances that block the nostrils and allows you to breathe well.
  • Vitamin C – Increasing the intake of Vitamin C either in natural form or as food supplement will help you drive away the cold virus faster. It is still a matter of debate among doctors whether Vitamin C is a cure for a cold. However, a healthy supply of this vitamin will activate your antibodies and reduce the severity of cold, undoubtedly.
Follow the guidelines above to keep yourselves healthy and avoid raining season associated sickness.
Do you have any other means that you have been using during the raining season that keep away diseases associated with the raining season? Feel free to share your experience with us by using the comment form below; we will surely appreciate your contribution.

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