How Does A Relaxing Massage Help In Improving Overall Health?

How Does A Relaxing Massage Help In Improving Overall Health?

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Stress is a common problem for every individual these days. Stress is present at home as well as at work place, so it can be said that stress surrounds us 24 x 7. Most of the people do not realize stress as a significant problem, but if such stress is prolonged there can be health issues, such as headaches, anxiety, heart disorders, blood pressure and many more. Best way to deal with stress and stress induced health problems is through a relaxing massage.

As stress is a ubiquitous problem, people consciously or sub consciously try to relax their senses to overcome this problem. Some people know that they are stressed and use different medications including the soporific tablets and pain killers to get some relief, while other take on to alcohol, caffeine, and smoking. People have different needs to placate themselves, while some may need serious treatments; others can relax by just watching a movie or hanging out with friends. But all the stress related issues have one common solution and that is a relaxing massage.

A massage can benefit you in many ways, and here are some massages that you can try to help feel stress-free.

Signature Massage

Signature massage offered by any spa is a massage that is unique to that salon. They use their own blend of products and techniques to help you relax. Different parts of body are kneaded under this massage style such as back, neck, hands and feet. The aim is to help you relax and relieve the tension in the muscles.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most popular massage offered by many spa salons. This massage works best at increasing the flow of oxygen into the blood and freeing the muscles from the accumulated toxins. It is a very gentle and soothing massage therapy, where light pressure is given on the muscles by the therapist to help them unwind. This massage is effective at reducing joint pains and one can take the maximum benefit of this gentle massage by going for regular sessions.

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a specific massage that helps the body to get back to its normal fitness after an injury or disease. It is a very intense massage where specific attention is given to the problem areas such as sprains, back pains, shoulders, joints etc. This type of massage can also be used to speed up the recovery process.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is another great massage technique. Here the stones are heated and then they are placed on the back. The heat from these stones penetrates deep into the muscles and that slowly relieves the tension in the muscles. Some people might wonder what can be the benefit of placing hot stones on the back, but this is a very effective technique and those who experience it can vouch of its helpfulness.


Aromatherapy is used on the people who are facing emotional stress. The essential oils used in this therapy are chosen after knowing your condition as some of these oils are also effective in physical healing. These essential oils have soothing fragrance that helps in calming the mind so that the stress is automatically reduced.

Conclusion: It is better to use these natural remedies to fight stress rather than using drugs and other products. This old therapy can be trusted as it is totally harmless and can greatly improve you overall health.

How Does A Relaxing Massage Help In Improving Overall Health?

  1. Hailey Huston says

    I have learned that human has seven power centers in the body and the state of each chakra reflects the health of a particular area of your body. Going back to hot stone massage, it is very relaxing and that’s what I always go for.

  2. Alcor Spa says

    Thanks for sharing different types of massages. These massages can provide relaxation to anyone from any types of pain, depression or stress.

  3. Lara E. says

    Very informative post, massage is one of my favorite therapies, specialy the Swedish Massage.

  4. Alisha Marshall says

    Wow! such a nice post… Massage really takes away stress…

  5. Venice Brooks says

    Thanks for this post, I have found valuable information that I will share with my friends and family.. Massage is helpful after a hard and stressful week of work also general health, thanks.

    1. Temilola Waliu Globalwalyy says

      Hey Venice, Am glad to hear you have find valuable information in the post, feel free to share with friends and family..

  6. Ally says

    I love getting massages, especially after a stressful week

    1. Temilola Waliu Globalwalyy says

      Hey Ally, yea getting massage seems to be more important to human health than people think.

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