10 Healthy Valentine gift to thrill your Valentine with

10 Healthy Valentine gift to thrill your Valentine with

Getting a Valentine’s Day gift for your Val is not that easy. At times, you have to consider the impact of the gift. Typically, most people take it as a day when you buy him or her flowers, or go out for dinner. This seems monotonous. Try to be as much original as possible this Valentine’s Day. Get him or her gifts that are inclined to better health. This will portray how much you care. However, this is still not enough! How do you get the healthy gifts?

Here are the top ten Healthy Valentine gift

A Bunch of Dark Chocolate

It is evident that majority of women are fond of chocolate. Buying her a bunch won’t break a bone. Putting a healthy spin makes it perfect. Buy her the dark one. This is a good source of flavonoids, which are good for the heart. Studies also have it that the dark chocolate increases blood vessels flexibility. In addition, dark chocolate leaves her without fear of raising the cholesterol.

Gym Membership

Paid membership motivates one to work out. If your val loves working out but does not have a gym membership, considering it is worth it. When he or she has a membership, there’s still another option. You can have a gym date. Look for that gym that’s offering a couple’s work out. Or rather, opt for outdoor activities like swimming, skating etc that you will do as a pair. Spend more time together as a symbol of your affection.

Get some Sports Appare

If your val will be spending much time at the gym, buying him or her sports apparel with a classy look is awesome. Ensure he or she goes there in style and comfortable for the work out. For a man, you can get him a pair of high-performance sneakers. Sports bras would perfectly suit a woman.

Healthy Valentine gift

Workout Mix

Music is a master relaxer. Music increases the heartbeat and breathing rates. Buying or downloading him/her a workout mix is superb. Taking part in the workout makes it more interesting. Alternatively, you may opt for a concert. Consider his or her favorite hits or bands. Accompany him or her to the concert and dance together. Most preferably, settle for the red wine. Studies have it that red wine is healthy if taken in considerable amounts. It contains antioxidants and resveratrol. Resveratrol increases the levels of HDL, good cholesterol while reducing the levels of LDL, bad cholesterol. It also prevents clotting in the arteries. Having a bottle will leave you with nothing to lose.


Massaging has a relaxing effect. After the workout, dance, or any physical exercise you engage yourself, you obviously need some relaxation. Research shows that massages have immense health benefits. They relieve stress and lower blood pressure. Taking yourselves for a ‘his and hers’ massage is necessary. To make it more relaxing, you can have an all day spa treatment. This re-lives the both of you.

Healthy Groomers

Grooming products are essential in everyday life. Products made from natural ingredients are healthy to use. They are chemical and preservative free. Their use is not limited despite long-term and frequent use. Unlike the artificial products which may lead to health complications. For him, you may get natural shaving products. For her you can get natural skin-care products. This ensures you lead a healthy life thereafter not forgetting that it is a way of portraying your care.

Prepare a Healthy Dinner

Instead of having a date out at a restaurant, you may decide to have a healthy dinner at home. You can plan for healthy dishes with low amounts of unsaturated fats. Let the meal have all the three courses and entailing healthy stuffs. Make the dinner worth the day, Valentine’s Day. Ensure you express your culinary skills excellently. This will definitely spare your wallet which otherwise might drain to boot. More so, you’ll enjoy spending your time calmly unlike in restaurants that may be crowded.

A Juicer

Juicing is one of the most effective ways of ensuring vegetables and fruits are incorporated in your diet. If your val hardly includes vegetables in their meals, buying him/her a juicer will help bring a change. This is because most people avoid veggies due to the ‘unpleasant’ tastes. When familiar with different juicing concocts, the tastes are no more. This will perfectly curb the situation. Essential nutrients will always have a portion in their diets. You will help your val lead a healthy life without a doubt. Taste-testing the juices prepared by your val will also help you get health rewards.

A Fruit Basket 

There are those people who are not much into sweets or are careful with their sugar intakes. If your val is one of them, a gourmet fruit basket is all they need for this valentine’s Day. Try to include high nutritional fruits like kiwis, pomegranates, berries etc. These fruits will supplement nutrients like flavonoids, vitamins E, C etc. These nutrients are essential for healthy lives. In case the fruits are too sweet, you may have them chilled.

A Heartbeat Monitor

Monitoring your heart rate gives you a sense of security. With monitors that are compatible with workout systems and iPods, you can watch on your calorie-burn rates. This will help to determine the workouts he/ she require. He/she can easily detect a health defect early enough and seek treatment in time. This is because health conditions determine the heart rate. Getting the monitor may be in place of gym membership or might opt to offer both.

Changing people’s views and expectations of a special day is the hardest thing ever. Most people will compromise their principles reason being it’s a big day. For instance, they’ll go for unhealthy meals and the likes. It’s time we make the change and it must start with you. This valentine day, choose to purpose on health improvement. Most of the healthy gifts do not sound romantic. However, from the way you present them, they may appear as if they are. In the long-run, you’ll be preventing unhealthy practices and saving a life somewhere.

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