Healthy Foods You Can Eat For Stronger Bones

Healthy Foods You Can Eat For Stronger Bones

For you to have a stronger bone, you much eat food that is rich enough in calcium and vitamin D. Both Vitamin D and Calcium are very important nutritional component to help to build stronger bones, it goes into the making of your bones stronger.

Osteoporosis – bone-weakening – threatens the health of about 44 million Americans. But research at the University of Surrey in England shows that, with the right foods, you can strengthen your bones at every meal.

The diet you need to follow is to simply eat more fruits and vegetables. These foods contain potassium salts (bicarbonate and citrate) that support bone health. Consuming these items keeps your bones from breaking down quickly and weakening. They also keep your body from eliminating the calcium you need in your bones.

Bone can get broken at any age and it will take more time to get healed, eating very good food that contains calcium and vitamin D will help your bone to be stronger and prevent easy breakage of bones. It is very helpful if you plan eating food that contains vitamin D and calcium today, plans with the whole family so that no one will be left behind and develop a stronger bones family. For you to achieve that stronger bones, try adding more of the following foods to your diet for optimal bone health.


A very good source of calcium, it makes a great choice for people who don’t like eating dairy products or fish, which are generally the best sources of calcium. Spinach also boasts a host of other important nutrients, including iron, fiber, and many others. Wanting to know more about other benefit Spinach offers you, you can read it here
Healthy Foods You Can Eat For Stronger Bones


This is a very good source of calcium and vitamin D like many other dairy products are. Unlike other dairy products, however, it is low in fat and calories, making it a healthy choice and a great way to receive those dietary elements.


A noteworthy amount of calcium and vitamin D are contained in Sardines. They are rich in sodium as well, however, so it’s not necessary to eat a great quantity of them in order to get a healthy dose of these nutrients.



Cheese is rich in calcium. However, it’s also loaded with fat, so look for a low-fat option or limits your portion size to get the most benefit.
This four food will help your family to develop stronger bone.
What food do you think can help build stronger bone? Your contribution is highly welcome here, use the comment form below to make your contribution.
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