Limes are citrus fruits from family Citrus aurantifolia. They resemble lemons however are somewhat smaller in size with a bright green or yellow and fairly smooth skin. They are usually round or oval in shape, having a diameter of about one to two inches.

 Health benefits of Lime to the Body

There are so many health benefits of lime to the body, few of them are mention below

Good for women health: These citrus fruit gems contain calcium and folate, two nutrients that are important for post-menopausal women of all ages and women of child-bearing get older. One fresh lime has 22 milligrams of calcium supplements and over five micrograms associated with folate. Not bad for a tiny little fruit!

Cholera:  The potent anti-viral properties in lime/lemon can kill cholera bacilli within a very short period of time. Drink one part juice and one part water regularly, especially during an epidemic.

Health benefits of lime
Health benefits of lime

Good for Digestion: The fragrance of lime increases the secretion of digestive saliva which aids in digestion. The natural acidity helps in breaking down the macro molecules of the food, whereas the flavonoids stimulate the digestive system by increasing the secretion of digestive juices, acids and bile. These flavonoids also stimulate the peristaltic movement. By facilitating digestion, limes relieve you from uncomfortable wind or bloating. Drinking lime juice added to a glass of warm water provides relief against heartburn and indigestion.

Constipation: Primarily, the ample volume of acids present in limescale helps clear the excretory method by washing and cleaning off of the tracts, just as some acids are used to clean floors and toilets. The roughage in lime is usually helpful in easing constipation, but the most effective element is the higher acidity. An overdose of limescale juice with salt also acts just as one excellent purgative without any negative effects, thereby providing relief coming from constipation.

Cold: The anti-viral properties with lime/lemon fight infections and halt the progress of any cold. Take the juice of two lemons in half a liter of hot water and add raw baby to taste. Sip this slowly before bedtime.

Cure of Piles/Hemorrhoid’s: Piles or haemorrhoid can be an uncomfortable condition that occurs from the anal region resulting with bleeding and discomforts the two during excretion and basic activity. It is an unpleasant ailment and even brings about certain forms of cancers. Since lime heals ulcers and wounds from the digestive and excretory technique, it eradicates all the fundamental causes of piles and help out with preventing their recurrence. For anyone who is suffering from piles, you are able to boil about 10 grams of lime tree origins in 1 liter regarding water for ½ one hour. Strain and drink this concoction thrice daily for relief.

Helps prevent Kidney Stones: Lime juice contains more citric acid than orange or grapefruit juice. Citric acid is effective in inhibiting kidney stones manufactured from crystallized calcium. Fresh lime juice compressed into water is more beneficial on this respect than commercial limeades.

Limes tend to be anti-carcinogenic: The limonoid compounds in limes have been shown to prevent cancers of the colon, stomach and blood. Though the exact procedure is unknown, scientists include observed that antioxidant limonoids also cause cancer cell passing away. Lime limonoids also stay active longer within your bloodstream, mopping more free radicals than green tea extract or dark chocolate.

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  1. I was a lingering hemorrhoids sufferer and am still a slave to constipation. You have touched some nice factors here especially about constipation and hemorrhoids. As far as I know, constipation is a disease that is very serious and complicated. Currently, I’m on high fiber supplements for my constipation and shall also try lime. In any event, I will let you know the result;; Thanks for the information.


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