What is Kalonji? Amazing Health Benefits Of Kalonji Oil

What is Kalonji?

Kalonji is an Ayurvedic herb, producing blue flowers and black seeds, which are helpful in extracting Kalonji oil. Kalonji black seeds are being eaten for centuries in the Gulf countries, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. It is abundantly found in these areas. Kalonji oil is used in food in many parts of the world, especially the Middle-East.

The annals of Kalonji oil (extracted from Nigella Sativa) moves beyond 4,500 years back before there is any scriptures or text message talking about it. Its source is reported to be from the Mediterranean region of the world, however, they have since made its way well around Asia, European countries, and Africa.

It is stated to treat every sickness, making sense when you find out that Kalonji has which can strengthen most disease fighting capability deficiencies.

The scientific name for it is ‘Nigella Sativa’, more commonly known as ‘Kalonji’, ‘Black Cumin’, and ‘Black Seeds’, and it wasn’t until the late 1900’s that researchers really began to explore the miraculous benefits of this wonder seed. Know more about kalonji oil benefits at The Fit Indian https://thefitindian.com

Kalonji Oil Nutritional Facts

Kalonji seeds contain monosaccharides in the form of glucose rhamnose, xylose, and arabinose which can be absorbed easily by the body as a source of energy, and also contain non-starch polysaccharides which function as dietary fibers.

The oil contains 15 amino acids to form protein, 8 of them are essential amino acids which are needed by our body, since our body cannot synthesize the essential amino acid itself.  It contains arginine, an amino acid needed during the growth period. Chemical research also showed that kalonji oil also contains Karotin, which later would be converted into vitamin A by the liver.

Kalonji Oil benefits also contains calcium, iron, sodium, and potassium which have important roles to work with enzymes in our body. The oil also contains fatty acids, especially essential unsaturated fatty acid (linoleic and linolenic acid).

Component Amount
Kalonji Seeds Composition
Protein 21 %
Fat 35-38 %
Carbohydrates 35 %
Kalonji Oil Nutrition
Protein 208 ug/ g
Thiamin 15 ug/ g
Riboflavin 1 ug/ g
Pyridoxine 5 ug/ g
Niacin 57 ug/g
Folate 610 IU/g
Calcium 1,859 mg/g
Iron 105 ug/g
Copper 18 ug/g
Zinc 60 ug/g
Phosphorus 5,265 mg/g
Fatty Acids in Kalonji Oil
Myristic Acid 0,5 %
Palmitic Acid 13,7%
Palmitoleic Acid 0,1%
Stearic Acid 2,6%
Oleic Acid 23,7%
Linoleic Acid (Omega-6) 57,9 %
Linolenic Acid(Omega-3) 0,2 %
Arachidonic Acid 1,3%


Amazing health benefits of Kalonji Oil

health benefits of kolonji Oil what is kolonji oil

Kalonji oil for diabetes prevention:

The use of Kalonji oil is beneficial in the management and prevention of Diabetes. A mixture is prepared with the decoction of black tea (1cup) and Kalonji oil (½tsp). It is suggested to take the mix in the morning and before going to bed. There is a favorable chance to have a better result within one month.

Kalonji oil for Pimples removal:

Make a mix from the combination of sweet lime juice (1 cup) and Kalonji oil (½ tsp). Apply the mixture on the face in the morning as well as at night. It helps in glowing of skin, prevents pimples, acne, blemishes and any other black spots. White or black spots can also be prevented when the mix of vinegar (1 cup) and Kalonji oil (½ tsp) are applied in the morning and before going to bed.

Kalonji oil for Memory increase:

Memory power can be increased with the help of Kalonji oil. It is suggested that to increase brain power and concentration, one has to take mint leaves (10 grams), boil it with water followed by adding ½ tsp of Kalonji oil.

Kalonji oil Increases Memory and Alleviates Asthma:

Ground kalonji seeds with a little bit of honey are known to boost memory. And if you mix this in warm water and drink, it also helps in alleviating breathing trouble (asthma included) in children and adults alike. But you need to do this is for at least 45 days, and avoid cold beverages and food during the period.

Kalonji oil prevents hair loss:

Massage your head with lime juice and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash it with herbal shampoo. Now, use Kalonji oil when the hair gets dry. Continue it for 15 days to get positive results in prevention of hair fall. Make a paste of Kalonji oil (10 gms), olive oil (30 gms) and Mehendi powder

Kalonji oil Aids Weight Loss

The warm water, honey, and lemon combination are often recommended for those who are on a diet. Now add a pinch of powdered kalonji seeds to this mix and see how it works. Many health enthusiasts have claimed that kalonji seeds are a miracle ingredient which helps in shedding those extra kilos.

Kalonji oil Makes Teeth Stronger

Did you know that kalonji has been used traditionally to take care of dental trouble such as swelling or bleeding of gums, and weak teeth? Of course, you need to see a dentist, but you can also massage your teeth with curd and some kalonji oil twice a day to strengthen your gums.

Kalonji oil Eases Joint Pain

It’s an old-school treatment; take a handful of kalonji seeds, and heat it well with mustard oil. Once the oil is smoking, take it off the flame and cool it down for a bit. The oil is ready when you can dip the tip of a finger into the oil without feeling uncomfortable. Now use this oil to massage the inflamed joint.

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