How To Get A Flat Stomach After Pregnancy And How To Tone It

Getting back in shape after a life-changing event, like pregnancy, is tough. Just the thought of doing a few sets of crunches and squats can sound so tiring even if you haven’t even started a single step of the exercise. In unusual cases, if you’re part of the lucky ones, pouch bag bellies doesn’t develop after pregnancy and there’s no need to do any exhausting exercises to get your body back.

The real secret in achieving the flat stomach you’ve been dreaming of isn’t just through your healthy diet, adequate sleep or breastfeeding your baby. You must strengthen it to its core. There are some fitness institutions that offer new mommies sessions for toning stomach muscles after pregnancy. However, if you are too busy to visit your favorite gym and just squeezing in your time for just a bit of physical workout, then this list of exercises is perfect for you:

1. The Flat-Belly Fly.

  • Lie on your back.
  • Lift both of your feet at a 90-degree angle.
  • Place one hand on your belly, holding your stomach as you tuck it in, while your other hand stays on the floor, palm facing down.
  • In a gradual phase, separate your knees as far as you can without expanding your stomach.
  • Breathe out as you close your legs and return to the original position.
  • These stomach exercises after pregnancy particularly target your internal oblique muscles for flatter tummies.

2. The Modified Hundred.

  • Lie on the floor facing the ceiling.
  • Bend your knees in a 45-degrees angle and your arms on your side with palm down on the ground.
  • Inhale as you pull your stomach in.
  • As you release your breath, slowly raise your head along with your neck off the floor as your hands reach the side of your legs.
  • Hold on to this position for 3 seconds as you return to your lying position.

3. Sky Sits

  • Lie back straight on the floor. Make sure there’s no gap between you and the floor at all times.
  • Raise your head along with your shoulders up in the air, stretching your arms in the air.
  • Slowly reach the tip of your toes with your fingers as you strengthen your inner core.
  • Hold that position without any swaying movement of the legs and arms.
  • After at least 3 to 5 seconds, let go and slowly return to lying position. Don’t rush as you might shock your muscles which can cause serious pain.
  • Repeat the steps. This exercise is one of the most popular stomach exercises after pregnancy as it focuses not only on the stomach muscles but also overall toning of the body.

4. Balance Pump And Arms

  • Lie flat on the floor.
  • Lift both your legs until it creates a 45-degrees angle to the ground.
  • While your legs are lifted, raise your head and neck, maintain a small gap between your chests and chin.
  • Pull your stomach in as you lower your legs. Do this as low as you can without touching the ground.
  • Hold this position as long as you could or you can simultaneously pull your both legs up and down the air for a pulsing movement.

5. Superman (Or In Your Case, Superwoman!).

  • Kneel with your hands and knees on the floor.
  • Place your knees hip-width apart from each other and your back and neck are parallel on the floor.
  • Tuck your stomach in as you raise one of your legs out straight behind, the same time as you stretch out in front your opposite arm.
  • Hold on to this position for at least 3 seconds before switching on to the other side.
  • Repeat the steps for 10 to 20 repetitions, completing 2 to 3 sets
  • As you get comfortable with your stomach exercises after pregnancy, intensify it by prolonging the duration of holding your stretch-out position or by putting on some weights in your arms and ankles.

Every pregnancy case is different. During the nine months of pregnancy, our stomach muscles expand beyond its limit and it will only contract back to its original form in time. So before engaging to any of this workout in toning your muscles, be sure to prepare yourself overall health first. Heavy bleeding, excessive soreness, extraordinary pain that worsen through the day may be the signs you’re not ready yet. Consult your doctor for further assessment in planning to get your shape back.

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