Find a Healthy Career that Fits Your Personality

Your career choice is a big decision that has long reaching consequences. Your lifestyle, health, and income are all affected by the work you do for a living. You will spend time and money to develop your abilities and skills. Many simply compare the cost of training with the long term earning potential before making a choice, but you should also consider if your personality is suited for the work.

Why Personalities Matter

People are different. They have unique interests and tolerances. Not every career choice is a good fit for every personality. Some thrive in environments that require social interactions with many different people, and others cringe at the thought of being the center or attention. You might be able to stay focused and prefer to work independently, or you could need the pressure of deadlines. You might solve problems through trial and error, or you could be the type the prefers the theorize and research before attempting something new.

Your personality impacts how you work, the way you deal with challenges, and respond to pressures. It also plays an important role in your problems solving methods. If you force yourself into a career that is not compatible for your specific personality type, you may end up becoming frustrated. Although hard work can overcome many difficulties, discovering career options that match your personality type can save you some heartache along the way.

Discovering Your Personality

Have you ever struggled to describe yourself to someone else? Most people are initially uncomfortable with conversations that focus too intently on their own characteristics. Evaluating your own personality is much more difficult than it seems, but there are some methods you can use to collect this information and make a better career choice.

You are already your own best reference on your personal likes and dislikes. You can make up your own mind about what you really enjoy, but it can also be difficult to be completely honest with your feelings. When considering your personality, write out a list of your own strengths and weaknesses that you think are accurate. Use this list as a reference when evaluating other information.

Your family and friends have also observed your behavior, and they know how you respond in different situations. Feedback from your closest relatives can help you to determine if your personality traits are suitable for a career you may be considering. They may offer you insights that you would have overlooked.

Professional personality tests are also available. These tests assess answers to questions you are asked. Your opinions on a range of topics are evaluated and a description of your personality is formed based on your results. They can be insightful, but you should always consider multiple test results to get a clearer picture.

Finding Careers that Fit

Once you have a better idea of your personality, you can focus on building a career that you will find personally rewarding. Education and vocational training is available that can help you to build the skills you need to succeed.

IT professionals are often highly analytical people that work well independently. In the health and human services industry, you will find people who are natural caregivers. Business professionals are often risk takers and leaders. Trade professionals prefer to work with their hands. They solve problems by taking action and avoid getting bogged down with theoretical discussions.

Your happiness depends greatly on your career satisfaction. Vocational training and educational programs are an investment of your time and money. You want to make sure that you fit your long-term career goals to appropriate match your personality.

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