Best Fat Burning Foods: The Natural Way to Burn Calories

Best Fat Burning Foods: The Natural Way to Burn Calories

Let’s get the disclaimer out of the way first. This is not a gimmick or a lose weight quick trick. But, as part of a healthy diet and regular exercise eating the right foods can in fact help you to burn calories. If only every weight-loss plan was this easy!

So how does it work? Well, there are certain foods that help to boost your metabolism. These foods contain nutrients that can help to suppress hormones that make it difficult to lose weight. Much like the benefits of juice fasting or low carb diets these diet techniques can really help boost your weight loss and fitness programs. If these foods are eaten in conjunction with doing regular exercise the results can truly be remarkable. You will not only feel great but you will look great too.

There is a common misconception that by simply doing lots of exercise will help you lose weight. While this is partly true, the key component to your weight-loss, or fat burning strategy should be your diet.

[Tweet ” “You can lose weight and improve your health and body composition with diet or exercise, but it shouldn’t be a case of either/or. By far the best approach is to partake in an intelligently planned training routine and eat a healthy, balanced diet.” – Mike Samuels, “]

So what are these crazy exotic foods that help to burn calories? I think you may be surprised to hear that there are plenty of everyday foods that can help us on our fat burning journey. Let’s dive into the list…


Avocados improve sex life

High in monounsaturated fat (the “good” fat), vitamin C and E. Tastes great with some lean chicken in a salad.

Brazil Nuts

Brazil Nuts
Brazil Nuts

Brazil Nuts are another food that contains lots of “good” fat. Also high in protein, simply chomp on 2-3 of these nuts a day and you’re onto a winner.

Broccoli Rabe (Rapini)

This vegetable is high in vitamins A, C and K and is also a great source of iron, calcium and potassium. Healthiest way to prepare this is to steam it, which should make sure all the nutrient are kept in tact.

Chia Seeds

health benefits of chia seeds
Chis seeds are simply packed with goodness. They contain B vitamins as well as calcium, zinc and iron. Ideal for using as a topping on low fat, sugar free cereal or yoghurt.



Famous by name for being the cornerstone of the “grapefruit diet” this fruit’s reputation for fat burning is well deserved. Its low glycemic index helps to increase your body’s metabolism.


Kale is a fantastic source of calcium and vitamin C and K. When preparing, make sure you steam because when boiling the vegetable it loses much of its nutrients.


Lentils are packed with protein and essential amino acids. They are a great source of iron also.


Oysters improve sex life
Oysters improve sex life

Oysters are a fantastic source of vitamins A and B. They also contain zinc, iron and calcium. For the more daring amongst us, it’s best to eat oysters raw. But make sure they are fresh as spoiled oysters are a dangerous cause of food poisoning.



Peas are full of nutrients that can help your metabolism and increase fat burning. Peas are high in fibre and lots of vitamins including vitamin A, B6, C and K.



Popeye certainly knew what he was doing with his daily dose of spinach. Spinach is full of vitamins and is a good source of calcium, iron and potassium. It’s better to steam this than boil it.



[author ]Sean Donnelly is a writer and a food and fitness fanatic. You can check out his musings at and follow him on Twitter at @List_Fitness[/author]

  1. Nova Taylor says

    This is amazing almost all of them are my favorites. Thank for making my day.
    This is just amazing. I m sure that now I will lose weight.
    Thank you and keep sharing:)

  2. Katerina says

    Greek Pita with Spinach is the best way to start a day. You’ll feel full all day long.

  3. Ayana Carillon says

    Another way to lose weight is to eat food with so called negatives calories. They need more calories to be burned then they contain.

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  5. Ren says

    Great list. Those are definitely great foods to include in your diet. There are many more though. The trick is to choose foods that are high in nutrients and low in calories. Also food with a high thermogenic effect are a great choice if you want to eat for fat loss. Reason being that these foods require a lot of energy to process.

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