Factors for Consideration While Selecting an Emergency Dentist

Factors for Consideration While Selecting an Emergency Dentist

Ever wondered what would happen if you have a tooth knocked out or a broken tooth due to an accident or sports injury. It is time to visit an emergency dentist.

It is important that we know what sort of injuries would require an emergency dental care. Accidents can happen at any time of the day or night and some injuries need an immediate treatment while others can be sorted out during normal working hours of the dentist.

There are a lot of dentists who claim to be the best, but it is important to quickly run through the below factors while selecting an emergency dentist. After all, it is our teeth that matters the most.

The Qualities which one should look before Deciding an Emergency Dentist are listed below:


  1. Skilled – It is important that the dentist we have selected is skilled and experienced and hold a proper professional degree in the same. Should have handled a lot of emergency cases before. A good dentist would have a degree from a reputed university.  Skilled dentists will have a light hand on our teeth and the pain would ease.
  2. Availability – Another important point is that he should be available all through the day or night and should have all the facilities to provide an immediate action to our problem. He should be there 24/7 to provide an emergency care. Then he or she is the right choice for you!
  3. Friendly – The important point to be noted is his or her nature. Imagine my emergency dentist, very rude and strict, I would never want to visit him again or would have great fear in visiting him. So it is important for the dentist to behave in a friendly way and we should feel comfortable with them.  He should be the one with whom we can discuss every bit of pain of ours. Tooth pain is something very irritating and he should be able to feel our pain and provide proper diagnosis and treatment, only then he should be the right choice for you.
  4. Sincere – He should be sincere and hardworking. He should be serious in his work. He should be patient and handle each situation and patient with care and attention.  He should be able to diagnose the pain correctly and give proper medicines to us to recover from the pain easily.
  5. Tech-Oriented – A good emergency dentist would be the one who is tech-oriented, updated with new technology and have latest dental equipment and treatment. With all these machines and equipment, tooth care can be best-taken care of.
  6. Comfort – Comfort should be the motto of an emergency dentist. He should not keep us waiting more in the lobby. A quick relief should be provided only then he is the right person.
  7. Ease A good emergency dentist is the one who can ease the terrifying pain. They can easily calm the situation, the pain and helps the patient to relax.
  8. Gentle Touch – A good dentist would provide the treatment with gentle touch just to minimize pain and the discomfort.
  9. Oral Hygiene – A good dentist is the one who is passionate about oral care and can educate the patients about developing good habits for brushing and tooth care. He must help patients to have healthy mouth and gums. He should be knowledgeable and quickly guide the patients about the same.

Overall, an emergency dentist should be able to recognize your dental disease easily and give a proper treatment plan. People often visit a dentist during emergency, discomfort and in rush, so he should be the one who provides a welcoming atmosphere.

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