The Evolution of Cigarettes in a Modern Society

A sign of manhood has evolved into a stress busting mechanism. Cigarettes which are available in varying strengths and flavors. Both men and women consume it at equal propensity and harm their health in the long run. Tobacco is a dangerous substance and leads to cancer in varying parts of the body along with other respiratory ailments. Smoking is an addiction and it is difficult to get over it especially in stressful situations. To curtail a situation like this, manufacturers have started producing e-cigarettes. It is also called electronic cigarettes and vaporizer cigarettes and is operated by battery. The real feel of using the e-cigarette is similar to that of a real cigarette, but it is safer to use as the lethal chemicals associated with tobacco are filtered out.

The functionality of E-cigarette

The smoke-free – zero combustion feature of an e-cigarette is the unique sell point and the user can smoke without real smoke. In the initial days, the designing was done to resemble a cigar pipe and was elongated in shape. With newer features and better effectiveness, the look has been transformed into a ballpoint pen and is reusable and refillable. The cartridge of the e-cigarette contains e liquid which fuels the device. The modern versions are automated and the user needs to suck on the device to activate the same. The censor present in the device creates a trigger which commences the heating mechanism. The heat produced further works on the liquid and vaporizes it and the user inhales the smoke. There is a wide variety of options available in the market and the users can choose from an assorted range of flavors. The flavors can be either nicotine coated or nicotine free and have been adopted by a lot of brands. The brands ensure that the liquid fuel is enriched with smoothening elements which ignite a feel good experience in the users’ mind.

Componential of E-cigarette

A large mouthpiece to a heating element, an e-cigarette is made of a lot of components which function independently yet interlinked.  The mouthpiece is called the cartridge and it contains an absorbent material which is drenched into the liquid solution. The cartridge is replaceable and is often substituted with dip tips. The dip tips do not contain the absorbent material and have a different mechanism attached to that. The liquid in the device is placed at an atomizer bridge which needs to be changed periodically due to the warning. The lithium-ion battery makes the battery and circuit of the device and can be recharged. The battery life strictly depends on the usage pattern of the consumer and the environment in which it operates. The battery region forms the largest and the most delicate section of the e-cigarette device.

Liquid fuel safety

The e-liquid has varying percentages of nicotine attached to it and at times comes nicotine free as well. The objective of the liquid is to give a cigarette like feel with different flavors. They are safe in nature and are usually made of PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin). The user gets to have a personalized touch attached to it, depending on the levels of nicotine.

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