Everyday Foods for Diabetic Patients

Diabetic: If you think being diagnosed with diabetes is equal to being served a life-long sentence for bland, dull food, think again. Moving away from the starchy, processed foods that negatively affect diabetes might be the best thing that ever happened to your taste buds. A whole new world of flavors and textures await you, and, with the epidemic rise of diabetes in the public at large, there are an increasing number of recipes and tricks that you can use to give your food the spice, crunch, or kick that you so desperately crave.

A whole new world of flavors and textures await you, and, with the epidemic rise of diabetes in the public at large, there are an increasing number of recipes and tricks that you can use to give your food the spice, crunch, or kick that you so desperately crave. These new food choices will be sure to make your blood sugar meter by Dexcom or another company will hardly be necessary!

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The best move that you can make as a diabetic is to become more thoughtful about your food choices and to prepare more of your own food. If your old diet was one of burgers and soft drinks at fast food restaurants, opt for flavorful brown-bag lunches and home-cooked dinners instead. We explore some of the best foods you can incorporate into your everyday meal plan below.

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You may begin to miss the crunch of potato chips as you begin your diabetes diet. Potatoes fall into the category of starchy vegetables, and are likely to up your blood sugar because of their high carbohydrate content. Chips, unfortunately, are often fried and fatty, which makes them doubly bad for diabetics, since weight gain can trigger increasing blood sugar problems.

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The high sodium count of such foods also exacerbates other health issues, which is another reason to find a new crunchy snack. Opt for baby carrots when you need to munch. You can also find sliced carrot “chips” in your produce department. Both of these choices are ideal for dipping into healthy snack supplements, like fresh hummus, for twice the fulfillment and nutrition.

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Sweet Potatoes

If your steak dinner just isn’t the same without a loaded baked potato, reach for the sweet variety instead. In spite of its name, the sweet potato is actually much better for diabetics than its white counterpart. Instead of butter, bacon, and cheese, add black beans, Greek yogurt, or a bit of steamed broccoli to a baked sweet potato for a flavorful addition to any meal (or a fast, healthy lunch from leftovers).

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Spinach and Kale

These versatile greens are perfect for diabetics. They are less likely to cause your blood sugar to spike than many other foods, and they provide you with essential fiber, which is an important element in any diabetic diet because of the time that it takes the body to digest it. The high fiber content in spinach and kale also means that these greens are quite filling, making you less likely to snack.

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Spinach can be eaten as part of a healthy salad. It can also be wilted or sautéed and added to pasta, sandwiches, or an omelet. This green also tastes delicious when combined with fruit and skim milk in nutritious smoothies. Kale can also be added to salads, especially ones with bright flavor additions, like lemon juice, mango, or apple. You can also toast kale leaves in the oven for a delightfully crunchy (and addictive) snack of kale chips.

  1. medtravels says

    Very nice blog. I got it very helpful. thank you so much for sharing with us.

  2. anuj says

    Hi Temilola, Thanks a lot for your post. You saved lives of many diabetics by giving this information.

  3. Lavanya says

    Hi Temilola,
    Diabetes is one of the most silent killer especially for the heart patients.
    Your post on Everyday foods is a really insightful and if it is religiously practised, it can be a real help for patients suffering from this dreaded disease. We really want to attract such write ups on our website and if you are interested, please send us your contributions.

  4. Paul says

    Nice list of foods for diabetic patients. My mother is a patient of type 2 diabetes. Since she got it, we minimized non veg and oily food stuffs and are eating green leafy vegetables from then. But her sugar level is never under control. She also now go for a 30 min walk. But that is also not helping. Doctors keep prescribing different medicines and injections, but all efforts go in vain. Sometimes things are just not in out hands, I suppose.

  5. Mike Chapman says

    i Really like your most as my mom is diabetic and she always use to eat sugar free dishes and now i got the little information about natural sweeteners that are good in taste as Well and all are natural products surely going to suggest my mom,,,and surely i will refer her to your blogs keep writing like

  6. Oluseye says

    This food regimen is probably appropriate 5 years ago! The new teaching about dieting in diabetes is “moderation”. Nobody goes about prescribing what to eat and what not to eat anymore.
    Eating a large bowl of bland beans will probably increase your blood sugar than eating yam with a lot of vegetables.
    Diabetics no longer have to be “suffer heads”. Meanwhile, lifting these restriction improves compliance with treatment.

  7. Diets says

    Balance diet is the essential part of diabetic treatment to stay fit while the patient is suffering from the diabetes and taking the food that has lots of fiber may prevent from further damage.

    1. Dr. Temilola Waliu Globalwalyy says

      Yes you are right about taking the food that contains lots of fiber to prevent More damages to the body…

      Thank you for your comment, hope to see you next time, and it will be better if you can use your real name next time

    2. Ashley Williamson says

      Thank you for your comment. I hope I did share some “new” information with you. Have a nice day.

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