Dry Body Brushing: An Alternative for Cellulite Treatments

Cellulite are major concerns of many women. But they can occur to men too. Cellulite are lumpy deposits of body fats in any part of the body. They cause dimpling in the affected area. Though it’s a natural phenomenon, it often results to many embarrassing and awkward moments.

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Cellulite don’t look good in skin. Many women call it as orange peel syndrome or cottage cheese skin. Cellulite usually are caused by a series of reasons and they usually occur after puberty. Some of the causes include:

Image of Cellulite
Image of Cellulite
  1. Hormonal changes. The hormones are believed to be a part of the cellulite production.
  2. Genetics. Some women are just build with cellulite developing more and earlier compared to other women. This would be because of their genes.
  3. Diet. Things you eat can also trigger the way cellulite form in your body. More fat and carbs you eat, the more cellulite are likely to form.
  4. Cellulite can get worse with smokers and smoking.
  5. Clothes. Tight clothing can also contribute to the formation of cellulite.

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How Cellulite Can Affect You

Having cellulite means you will be affected both emotionally and physically. Cellulite are ugly to look at and are unsightly most of the time. In some cases it may even look worse. This leads to some awkward situations wherein you are stopped from wearing things that you wanted wear. Like wearing short shorts, bikinis, short dresses.

Due to this, some problems may occur too. Self-confidence can be undermined. Once you feel different chances are, you will be having social issues as well. Getting to the root cause of the problem might be your answer.

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How Can You Get Rid of Cellulite

There are many ways to banish cellulite. Some of which requires just your ingenuity but some requires your money for the medical procedure.

Some ways of getting rid of cellulite include a diet of low fat foods, fruits, vegetables and plenty of water. Consuming food with fiber can also help. A good exercise routine plus avoidance of stress can also help. Liposuction and fat injections are often the medical procedure that will help in banishing cellulite. Body lift and other injectibles can help too.

Creams and lotions are other options, but they are much less effective.

Dry body brushing is a great and much natural way of reducing and banishing cellulite too.

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How Dry Body Brushing can Help

There is a very simple step to this option. First all you have to do is to buy a sturdy brush. But make sure that it isn’t of synthetic bristles, natural bristled brush is good. Have something with handle too. Here are your steps.

  1. Skin brush once a day. Just before you shower every morning.
  2. Do it while you are naked and you are still dry.
  3. Have long sweeping strokes staring from your feet up.
  4. Always brush towards the heart.
  5. Avoid broken skin and some sensitive areas too.
  6. Rinse off after in shower. Alternate from hot and cold to help in circulation.
  7. Dry yourself and massage with oil.
  8. Clean your brush.

Dry body brushing has great combating effects against cellulite. Do this for three months and you’ll be good to go. There are other benefits though that one can have from dry body brushing, it includes:

  1. Shed dead skin cells.
  2. Dry body brushing also helps improve skin texture.
  3. Blood circulation is also improved.
  4. A lymphatic drainage is encouraged as a good circulation is done and experienced. Toxins are being flushed out too.
  5. The brushing aids in tightening of the skin making your skin appear tighter and younger.
  6. Nerves are also stimulated by the brushing.
  7. Muscles are being toned wherein the fat deposits are evenly distributed.
  8. Once you dry body brush, your clogged pores are being cleaned. Thus skin breathes better than usual.
  9. Dry body brushing can ease sore and stiff body parts due to long time seating in office or school.
  10. Dry body brushing helps in draining toxic matter to the colon, detoxifying you and your body.

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Dry body brushing will not only rid you of your toxic cellulite but will help you in cleansing out your body as well. A healthy body will show in your skin. Being healthy means glowing, you mask any signs of aging for that matter.

Cellulite and other normal body processes sometimes need not be ignored; it should be addressed if it is affecting your self-esteem already. And every step you take, be it a personal remedy or a medical remedy, think twice and think wise. Know when to say yes and go ahead and learn when to take your own personal choice.

Cellulite, or fats or aging, you have the solution in your hand and in your bush too.

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