Self-help Tips to Remove Depression as It can be Dangerous for Your Oral Health

by Temilola Waliu Globalwalyy

Depression is a type of disorder, which alters the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors of an individual. It can be associated with extreme sadness and negative mood. There are times when people fail to perform their tasks due to depression. The enthusiasm and interest to live life tend to fade. Obviously, many people don’t know that depression can make great impact to your dental health.

According to studies, people who are prone to depression are also vulnerable to oral health problems such rampant dental decay, periodontitis, bad breath, oral yeast infections, burning sensation (tongue) and chronic facial pain. Perhaps, you are surprised why many depressed people seek dental treatment. Due to dental problems, people suffering from depression end up using dental crowns to fix the dental issues.

Effects of Depression on Oral Health

Depression greatly affects your health in different negative ways including dental health problems. People who are frequently experiencing depression have greater chances of developing tooth loss and worse the painful temporomandibular joint syndrome.


Develop a healthy sleep routine

Having enough hours for sleeping will definitely help on being energized on the next day. There will be an active participation on different activities. By having good night sleep, an individual experiences mind and body relaxation. Thus, to avoid experiencing depression, it’s recommended to develop healthy sleep routine.

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Care for yourself

Though you’re vulnerable to depression, you shouldn’t let it affect your health. People with this condition most likely smoke that aggravates the oral health issues. To avoid any dental health problem, it’s essential to give proper care for yourself particularly the dental hygiene. Otherwise, if you have poor periodontal condition, it may affect your immune system.

Activity & Physical Exercise

Engaging in physical activities and exercises can help in preventing the outburst of depression. You can try some relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, yoga and progressive muscle relaxation. Stay out and join in activities where you can meet new friends, this way your attention and thinking will be diverted. If you feel that depression will attack, you should motivate yourself doing activities that will make you occupied and busy.

Challenge negative thinking

The negative thoughts that occupy your mind trigger depression. There are different reasons why an individual suffers this condition such as the inability to fulfill the expectations and encountering untoward situations. With this, the best thing to do is to counteract the pessimistic mind through positive thinking. This can be done by thinking outside yourself and never let the words of other people affect you. No one is perfect that’s why it’s not ideal to set high standards for yourself. This would only make you depressed in case you’re unable to achieve your standard. Allow yourself socializing with other people so that you will see the bright side of dealing with challenges. You will also learn how other people face the difficulty through persistence and optimism.

Do things that make you happy

Doing things that makes you energize and relax can help in overcoming depression. This include learning how to manage stress in a better way, practicing a healthy lifestyle and healthy habits, setting limits and scheduling fun activities. Taking for a walk in the morning and exposing yourself to sunlight can alleviate depression.  Traveling is a very effective remedy for depression. Going to different places gives a scene of nature often result to self-fulfillment. A person is given the chance to think more positively.


Meditation is an effective way to overcome depression. Practicing it regularly can boost your mood. You can also reunite with the nature or listen to music that soothes your mind, body and soul.

Dealing with depression can be very simple as long as you know how to divert your attention in a positive view. This won’t only make you happy but also avoid experiencing oral health issues.

Author Bio: Joel Cordle is person who loves reading and writing different blogs on health and beauty. He writes on fitness tips, skincare, teeth whitening, dental crowns etc. He is a good advisor and he keeps suggesting people about how one can stay healthy. He likes to use natural things instead of artificial one.

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