Why Dental Practice Insurance Matters? 

Your dental practice is built on trust and your reputation which is extremely important, but even the most established dental practices need to be protected against certain risks and these risks aren’t always the most obvious. Getting the correct dental practice insurance will keep you protected meaning you can concentrate on doing a fantastic job for your patients and keep your business up and running smoothly. 

Why Dental Practice Insurance Matters? 

You have more than likely have worked extremely hard to build up your dental practice to the standard it is today and with the reputation, it has, which is why it’s important to protect it. Your insurance will protect your building, specialized equipment and a lot more. If anything were to go wrong, you can be assured that you won’t have to deal with it alone.

Why Do Dentists Need Insurance? 

Floods, Fires & Other Damage 

If your dental practice is damaged by a flooded or is affected by a fire, your business could be out of action for a few weeks. On the other hand, if specialized equipment breaks down, you could be looking at a huge bill to get your business up and running. If you do find yourself facing a huge expense, insurance can help with the costs of repairs, replacements, and loss of business revenue until you and your business are back on your feet. 

Key Equipment

If you are a dentist, of course, you use specialized equipment and this equipment is not cheap or easy to replace. If some of your equipment has broken and is out of action it can cause you to cancel appointments and waste other people’s time. Insurance will stop this from happening and get your business back to normal as soon as possible. 

Data Handling  

As a dentist, you know your clients very well and are more than likely to have their personal information stored away somewhere in the building. You are trusted with this confidential and private data but mistakes can happen, even if you personally are not to blame. If data is accidentally shared or deliberately targeted in a cyberattack, it could be expensive and put the reputation of your business at stake.

Loss Of Revenue

If you suffer a loss of income and additional costs resulting from being unable to use your business purposes, you might be able to claim under your Loss of Gross Revenue policy. Expenses you will need to consider include; salary, rent, rates and overtime costs. 

Types of Insurance 


Business Interruption Insurance 

If you are unable to continue working your normal business hours for a period of time due to an unexpected flood, fire or break-in, you need to try and keep things running and maintain good relationships with your clients. Dentists cannot simply work anywhere, which means that insurance is even more important to cover any losses and to get the business back to normal. 

Equipment Breakdown Insurance 

If your dental equipment breaks down, everything can be put on hold, which can lead to missed and cancelled appointments. Cancelled appointments will then mess with clients’ diaries, which could then damage your reputation through no fault of your own. 


Insurance will cover the cost of any repairs or replacement of equipment if anything was to break. This will allow you to get back up to speed with appointments and keep your promises & appointments with clients. 


Cyber & Data Insurance 

Cyber and data risk insurance will cover you from any accidental data breaches or any cyber-criminals who threaten to release confidential information. In both cases, insurance will help with the costs of getting the business back on track and where cyber-crime is involved specialist teams can deal with the demands to help you stay safe in the future. 

Dental Practice Liability Insurance 

Public liability Insurance will cover you if a patient slips, falls or trips in your building and may also cover any compensation awarded to them. Employers’ liability will also protect you in the event that a staff member has an accident at work and will cover any damages as a result. 

Dental Insurance

Dental practice insurance can help to protect your livelihood against unpredicted events that could leave your business exposed to a reputable and financial loss. There are many unique risks that a dental practice could be faced with, meaning that bespoke insurance is essential to let you carry on work as normal without any worries. 

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