Dental Health Care for Older Adults

Dental Health Care for Older Adults

Senior citizens are more prone to nutritional deficiencies, as in their age they are at a risk of facing various sorts of challenges that can disturb their oral and nutritional health. Getting old makes it challenging to absorb and digest nutrients. But age isn’t the only factor in determining oral well-being. However, certain other medical disorders, such as arthritis in the fingers and hands, may make it impossible to perform other oral hygiene functions such as flossing and brushing. Aging does not give the idea that your mouth’s health has to be anything but awesome. Nowadays advanced technology presents us with cosmetic dentistry procedures that offer techniques to protect your teeth and regain the look of youthfulness. Cosmetic dentistry is professionally taking care of your oral health and focuses on making the appearance of your teeth and mouth improved and your smile bright.

Seniors citizens do face some potential oral health challenges. Four of them are listed here,

Darkened teeth:  Caused by the lifetime consumption of beverages and stain-causing foods and also when dentin, a tissue that underlies the tooth veneer, changes.

Root Decay: It is very common in older and is caused when a tooth root is exposed to food acids. When this happens gum tissue retreat back from the tooth, thus leaving the root more exposed and prone to decay as it also doesn’t have any enamel layer for its protection. 

Gum Disease: Caused by plaque and food leftovers in the teeth. It is also caused by unhealthy diets, consumption of tobacco products, and diseases like diabetes, cancer, and anemia. Gum disease can pose fatal threats to overall health as it can cause serious problems in the body and also it can trigger tooth loss.

Other medical conditions: Arthritis in the fingers and hands, can make it very difficult to perform oral hygiene. Genetically some people are inclined to dental complications. Drugs can make you forget to brush, and floss thus affects overall oral health and make you suffer from cognitive health disorders.

So, these reasons make older adults dental care more significant and they can benefit from cosmetic dental procedures for any dental condition or symptoms they are experiencing. That is why it is necessary to perform dental checkups every six months or when it is important with qualified periodontists and dentists.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures for Younger Look:

To match your other anti-aging approaches, here are four cosmetic dentistry options mentioned to give you the basic information on how to obtain a younger look.

Tooth Whitening: undoing the pale or darkened teeth brilliant white smile can shine again with tooth whitening. It is offered either as simply over the counter or by prescription in office.

Bonding: A very cost-effective method to release you from tooth sensitivity, chips, and small cracks is bonding. A natural tooth-colored substance that looks very realistic is applied over the damaged area thus giving it a complete and natural look.

Implants: A great solution for missing teeth implants. A titanium screw is inserted in the place of dentures which provide support for the crown. As they fit directly into the jawbone these implants behave indistinguishably the same as a natural tooth. A great innovation in the field of implants is all on four dental implants. It is a great option for seniors who have lost all or most of their teeth.

Full Mouth Reconstruction: It combines both cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry with improved functionality. Dentures and bridges are upgraded to implants. Superior fitting Cerec crowns and natural tooth-colored dental fillings can replace old ones. Dental veneers or tooth whitening add beauty touchups.

Senior people should not oversee the importance of oral health in the presence of other more persistent worries. So, they should consider these cosmetic dentistry procedures on their next appointment with their dentists. 

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