Cutting out the Chemicals: Why Vaping is Gaining more Ground in Health Industry

Vaping has recently exploded in popularity, making it a very popular subject on health and wellness websites. This has brought with it some controversy about the safety of e-cigarettes and vaping. Media sources and the public continue to debate whether vaping is a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes, but evidence has overwhelmingly shown that e-cigarettes are a much safer alternative to traditional cigarettes, if used properly.

What is vaping and what is it for?

Vaping is the act of using an electronic cigarette, usually for the purposes of quitting smoking. Vaping uses a liquid mixture that contains nicotine in varying doses to help soothe the cravings for cigarette addiction while allowing you to better control the amount of nicotine being introduced to your system. This permits those with cigarette addictions to slowly wean themselves off nicotine without stopping cold turkey.


Why health specialists are advocating vaping

Searching for vaping information online can mean exposing yourself to a slew of negative stories highlighting the dangers and worries concerning vaping. In reality, vaping has shown incredible success in helping people quit smoking and use of the device has been shown to be 95% less dangerous than cigarettes. While not yet an endorsed FDA method to quit smoking, users are seeing increased rates of success when it comes to quitting, versus not using any supported method to help quit.


While cigarettes have 4,000 chemicals, including 43 known cancer-causing agents, vape juice only has a handful of ingredients that usually hand mixed. Most vape juices include vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and food grade flavorings and colorings. The final ingredient is pharmaceutical-grade nicotine, which can range all the way from an insane 36mg per millimeters all the way to no nicotine at all.


Vape pens without any nicotine can still provide a great comfort to smokers, as the physical habit can be one of the harder elements to kick.


While there is still some negativity concerning vaping, the exposure to less harmful chemicals and its success rates with smokers make it a suggested device for many health specialists and doctors.


How to start vaping

When starting vaping, it’s important to find an e-cigarette brand you like. If you don’t purchase the right vaporizer, you could end up with one that turns you off vaping completely. Harsh, exaggerated tobacco flavors, negligible vapor levels, and other turnoffs have sent smokers back to their cigarettes before they even had a chance to miss them. To help find a device and brand that you’ll enjoy, put some research into the available brands and what each type of vaporizer offers and what modifications can be applied to each brand.


Good companies to start with are those like Vaporescence, which have information on vaping, on different brands, and on different vape juices. You can shop Vaporescence today if you’re ready to make a decision, or you can peruse theirs or other vape sites to get more of the information you need to make an educated decision. Whether you’re using vaping to stop smoking or just to enjoy the flavors, it’s important to know whether you’re purchasing a vape pen you will actually enjoy and use consistently.

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