Four Counterintuitive Benefits from Standing at Your Desk

If you’re performing the daily tasks office work involves – and doing so while standing up – it may possibly look a little unusual to many colleagues around you. However, you might be surprised to know that there’s actually a good number of benefits to be gained simply from standing at your desk during the working day. Let’s take a look at four standing benefits that could improve your office day:

Counterintuitive Benefits from Standing at Your Desk

1 – Your productivity will actually increase.

Standing at your desk will increase your blood flow. Standing alone burns more calories and clears a path for your blood to move to your brain, as well as to your extremities. If you can think more readily, then you will increase your overall productivity. You will also be able to move about more freely. Believe it or not, this can help your workflow simply because you do not have to think about a movement once you want to make it.

2 – You adapt a better disposition because of your posture.

Many people are prone to conditions such as Carpal tunnel syndrome – and this can be related to the sitting posture that they take at the work desk. Standing at your desk will increase your ability to stay loose. This physical freedom will give you a better attitude. You will smile more. People will be more attracted to you because of your energy and activity.
3 – You will look busier.

Standing at your desk automatically makes you look as though you are in action. Although you will probably take more action if you are standing by your desk, there is nothing wrong with advertising this to the boss as well. If standing can also increase your chances of a raise and a new title, then why not do it?

4 – You will be more respected within the office.

On a subconscious level, you will be more respected within the office. The people who stand in the office are usually the ones who have authority. When your boss visits you at your desk, the fact that he is standing over you conveys a subconscious message of power. If you use this tactic, you may find your co-workers in the office more receptive to your suggestions. Make sure that you are not verbally forward as you do this; you may come across as intimidating if you combine the two techniques!

Who would have known that standing at your desk could be so helpful to so many parts of your life? Make sure that you put less weight on the opinions of others and more on the effectiveness that you are creating in the office. If standing at your desk helps you, then you need to do it!

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