Cosmetic Dentistry in Nigeria – What treatments are available?


Cosmetic Dentistry in Nigeria – What treatments are available?

Presently there are a huge amount of cosmetic dentist treatments available in this day and age. Dentists today supply a much greater role than simply checking up on our teeth and occasionally making a filling. Today there are a range of procedures and treatments that dentists and oral health specialists can carry out. These range from very simple procedures such as teeth whitening to more complex surgeries such as fitting dental implants. The procedures available came down in price over time which is making them more popular across the country. As people realize that a Nollywood smile is within their grasp they are looking to dentists to make that happen. This kind of article acts as a tips for the sort of treatments available in Nigeria.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Nigeria

Teeth whitening

teeth whitening-Cosmetic Dentistry in Nigeria
Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a popular and cost effective procedure. This kind of can be done at the dentist or even at home. Teeth cleaning is an important part of any regular checkup, process simply takes this one step further. You should talk to your dentist about the best course of action for taking. Often a home treatment can be suitable, other times something more may be required to have the desired effect. Be aware that some treatments can leave your teeth more sensitive than typical. Your dentist should discuss this with you though, See article on Ways to whiten your teeth at home

Dental Implant

Dental Crown -Cosmetic Dentistry in Nigeria
Dental Implant

Missing a tooth? how about getting a dental implant. This is when a metal “root” is inserted in to the jawbone and left to fuse with the bone. Once secure, a tooth can be attached to the basis. The tooth can be made to look like the existing teeth you already have and it is very difficult to see any difference between a real or prosthetic tooth. This is a great answer to someone lacking just one or two teeth. A few people aren’t suitable applicants for this procedure and the bone must be strong so the main can take hold. All those with weak bone in their jaws won’t be able to have this procedure undertaken on them.

Porcelain veneers

dental-veneers- Cosmetic Dentistry in Nigeria
Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are all the rage in Artist. If you have at any time noticed that actors and singers all have perfect teeth, you could be forgiven for thinking that only individuals with a perfect set have a chance of breaking into the industry. This is erroneous – it’s simply that the majority have gotten porcelain veneers. This is when a covering is put over the existing teeth to make the teeth seem to be straighter and whiter than they actually are. This kind of type of work does indeed require some filing of the teeth underneath and really should not be undertaken lightly. On occasion a veneer or maybe more have been known to drop out and they will likely need replacing at a future date. Plan for future costs as well as the immediate costs if you are contemplating this process.

Dental Crown

Dental Crown- Cosmetic Dentistry in Nigeria

Crown may also be fitted onto the teeth which makes them seem better and makes them more robust too. They can be good solutions for cracked teeth and the procedure is not practically so severe as having veneers fitted. If you are thinking about increasing your smile but don’t want to undergo any major surgery, then a good expending whitening is the best route. Speak to your dentist to determine how you can begin this. talk to your dental office and if possible, find someone who has got the task done themselves. (One of our editor crown his teeth at Platinum Dental Surgery, you should check them out)

there is plenty of plastic dentistry in Nigeria available. From minor techniques to serious surgery you can have a whole giggle overhaul if you want. Right now there are different types of dental care available from implants, oral health such as crowns or getting complete veneers to mask destroyed or discolored teeth.

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