Understanding Vision Problems, Common eyes problems

Our vision is actually a Natural  gift. Many individuals take our clear and excellent view of the world for granted. On the other hand, many of us will certainly experience temporary eye problems from time to time, including itching, blurriness or even fatigue.

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There are so many types of Eyes problem, knowing the type of eye problem you have is really important, after knowing what type of eyes problem you have, solving it will be a Minor issue..

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Common eyes problem

Presbyopia. This is the loss of the ability to plainly see close objects or fine print. It is a normal process that occurs slowly over a life time, but you may not necessarily notice any change till after age 40. Presbyopia is often corrected with reading a pair of glasses.

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Dry eyes. This happens when dissect glands cannot make enough tears or produce poor quality tears. Dry eyes may be uncomfortable, causing itching, using, or rarely some decrease in vision. Your eye doctor may well suggest using a humidifier in your home, special eye drops that simulate real tears, or plugs which might be placed in tear ducts to decrease tear drainage. Your doctor could also recommend a new process called Lipiflow that makes use of heat and pressure to take care of dry eyes.

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Floaters. These are tiny places or specks that float throughout the field of vision. Most of the people notice them in well-lit rooms or outdoors over a bright day. Floaters frequently are normal, but can sometimes indicate a more significant eye problem, such seeing that retinal detachment, especially whenever they are accompanied by light-weight flashes. If you notice a rapid change in the type or quantity of spots or flashes the thing is, visit your eye doctor as quickly as possible.


eyes problem

Tearing. Having way too many tears can come through being sensitive to light-weight, wind, or temperature changes. Protecting your eyes by shielding them or wearing sunglasses can sometimes solve the problem. Tearing may also mean you have a more serious issue, such as an eye infection or maybe a blocked tear duct. Your eye doctor may treat or correct even though conditions.

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Cataracts. Cataracts are cloudy areas that develop in the eye lens. Since the lens within a healthy eye is clear like a camera lens, light doesn’t have problem passing through the lens towards the back of the eye towards the retina where images tend to be processed. When a cataract exists, the light cannot get through the lens as simply and, as a outcome, vision can be damaged. Cataracts often form slowly but surely, causing no pain, redness, or tearing in the attention. Some stay small and alter eyesight. If they will become large or solid, cataracts can usually become removed by surgery.

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Glaucoma. This condition occurs when there is a typical and progressive deterioration in the optic nerve. Glaucoma is often associated with an increased pressure in the eye. The eye is much like a tire that generally incorporates a normal and safe strain. When this pressure can be increased, it can be associated with damage to the optic neural; this is called key open angle glaucoma.

Coloration blindness:  Difficulty distinguishing tones or intensity of color may suggest a color perception problem. Color vision defects are generally not known to the sufferer until discovered on examining, and it is mainly a disorder of males. If contained in a female it might represent ocular disease and a watch doctor should be consulted.

Night blindness: Difficulty distinguishing objects in dim light is a sign of possible nights blindness.

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    There are so many eyes problems and early times these eye problems occurs in old age but now smalll children’s are suffering from vision issues.

  2. Sahil Carepur says

    I do agree with you that to see the beautiful world, our eyes should he healthy. Your post regarding the care of our eyes is very informative and will guide each and every one about how to take care of our eyes. All the categories of eyes problem you discussed above is quite informative .

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