Caregivers Alleviate Social Isolation in the Elderly

Today, isolation is recognized as one of the greatest challenges facing the mental health of seniors in Calgary. Elders want to stay rooted in their communities as they get older for a number of reasons. They have deep social ties to their neighbours, they attend faith-based institutions in the area, and they rely on local services like doctors, lawyers, and pharmacists who have known them for years. Sadly, as people age and lose friends and family, they become vulnerable to isolation. Their mental health may also be affected by changes to their mobility and income.

Whenever you can, it’s important to make time to see and speak to your elderly loved one. That could mean a quick visit on a Wednesday night or making it back to Calgary for the holidays. They’re as eager to hear from you as they were when you first moved away for university. But just because you can’t be there to take regular care of them doesn’t mean that they can’t stay at home, even as their mobility becomes limited. They may start to need a hand with cooking, cleaning, and getting out of the house, but it’s all possible with the right help.

There are lots of things to do in Calgary with a senior parent when you do visit. It’s important to do things they loved when they had the freedom to go out whenever and wherever they wanted. If they valued arts and culture, see the works of artists like Cornelius Krieghoff and Emily Carr on a day at the Glenbow Museum. If they simply loved their city, watch it roll by on a quiet afternoon from the window of Analog Coffee or another of Calgary’s cafés and restaurants.

A time will come when your father may need help living on his own. You don’t have to uproot him and place him in an unfamiliar environment. A home health care aide can fulfill a wide range of needs, including companionship and light assistance. If you aren’t able to spend the time you would like with your father, a caregiver from agencies like Calgary’s Mavencare can also help with transportation and escorted outings. They don’t just help with grocery shopping or getting to doctor’s appointments. They can take dad out for a walk through the park or aid him with his beloved garden.

Isolation can lead to depression and even affect blood pressure. Studies have shown that frequent social and intellectual stimulation are also key to mitigating the cognitive loss that comes with dementia. Calgary health care services from Mavencare are more than just the essentials. A caregiver will also become your beloved parent’s friend. If dementia is a factor, then companionship care at the early stages can delay decline through mental stimulation like board games, cards, or even video games. Mavencare will match your at home caregiver with your parent by matching his or her needs with the support worker’s skills and experience. They can even accommodate many requests for a support worker fluent in a second language. Keep isolation from taking over your father’s life and call today for information on companionship care.

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