How To Take Care of Your Feet

I dated my last boyfriend for almost 3 years and he was great in every way except one: He didn’t keep his feet clean. And he didn’t have just “smelly” feet, he had feet that reeked like a dead fish.

I had to tell him.

So, I did. As gently as possible. I said that he seemed to have a real foot odor problem – only it wasn’t just that. I was worried because it wasn’t just that his feet smelled. They looked bad, too. Like, fungus growing under the nails, maybe even a little athlete’s foot. “You need to see a doctor,” I said. “Please, get it fixed.”

He actually took it quite well. He didn’t even know he had a problem – I guess some people can’t smell, see, or experience their own feet (and lucky me sharing a bed with one of those people). So he saw the doctor and sure enough, he had a fungal infection of the nails and athlete’s foot. He got medication for both.

Now? He takes care of his feet, and we actually just got back together.

However, his now “unsmelly” feet don’t stay that way by themselves. Here’s what he uses to keep them clean; it’s cheap and easy. You can use it too (no need to offend your significant other any longer).

Feet care

Recipe for the Smelly Foot “Cure”

A serious fungal infection will need a doctor’s attention, but you can cure athlete’s foot with simple ingredients.

You’ll need:

·       1-2 gallons of apple cider vinegar, available at your local grocery store

·       1-2 gallons of white vinegar (grocery store)

·       Extra-virgin coconut oil

·       A container big enough to soak both feet in comfortably

·       Topical ointment


1) Submerge both feet in apple cider vinegar for about 20 to 30 minutes, then rinse off and dry thoroughly. Afterward, “air” them out until they’re completely dry (about another 30 minutes).

2) Trim nails with a sterilized toe nail trimmer dipped in alcohol, or soaked in vinegar. Don’t reuse a dirty nail trimmer or you’ll reinfect yourself.

3) Rub your feet in coconut oil. It has powerful antifungal and antimicrobial properties that will help prevent future outbreaks. (It smells nice, too.) Put socks on afterward.


4) Repeat these steps every day for a week, apply an approved topical medication and your athlete’s foot will be gone.

Preventing Re-Stinkification

Once your athlete’s foot is gone, you have to prevent its return. So:

1) THROW OUT any footwear, socks, towels.

Anything that touches your feet that can’t be disinfected or cleaned. They’re contaminated and could cause reinfection.

2) Let your feet breathe.

Whenever possible, avoid wearing shoes, and opt for stocking feet indoors. If you must wear shoes, make sure they’re breathable; supportive flip flops are perfect. Never wear the same shoes two days in a row. Rotate them so that they have a chance to air out before you wear them again.

3) Shower with good antibacterial soap.

Follow up with a topical cream or soap that contains tea tree oil and read user reviews to select the best current treatment available..

4) Protect yourself

Public pools and gyms are rife with fungus and bacteria. So always wear flip-flops and NEVER let your bare feet touch the floor.

Follow these simple steps, and you’ll be healthy and infection free. (And if you’re not sure you have a problem, ask someone who will give you an honest answer. It’s worth it, for you and those you care about too.)

  1. ouatni says

    Nice article, and also getting a good footwear even higher price than your usual shopping budget is a good investment for the long term.

  2. karen says

    Excellent tips about feet hygiene and health, is is good to take care of our personal hygiene in all and every single part of the body. Thank you.

  3. Phil says

    I agree, public pools and gyms are full of all kinds of germs and I never go anywhere in those places without wearing my flip flops. Seems to have worked so far, since I haven’t had any problems with athlete’s foot.

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