The Calamari Oil Advantages To The Human Body and Its Sustainability

The Calamari Oil Advantages To The Human Body and Its Sustainability

Calamari oil has just been introduced as the new source of the essential nutrient omega-3 fatty acid. The essential fat comes directly from seed and calamari. The new omega-3 source has been proven to be more potent and powerful than common fish oil. Studies have proven that calamari oil contains more DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) than EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) from fish oil. With a more concentrated DHA, calamari oil benefits the human body in preventing diseases and maintain the overall health of the human body. Omega-3 fatty acids help in maintaining a healthy nervous system. Helps the brain to function normally and enhance the fetus and baby development of the eyes, brain and the body.

Calamari oil is also beneficial in maintaining eye health and vision by lowering the risk of cataract development and macular degeneration. Plus the short lifespan of the squid (about450 days) as compared to cold water fish, squids and calamari are less likely to acquire toxins and other industrial waste to its body and then eventually passed on the oil itself.

Advantages Of Calamari Oil

The proven advantages of calamari oil cannot be questioned because results are based on solid scientific studies and research. Why you should switch from fish oil to calamari oil? People have known the benefits of fish oil because it has been proven to help in battling heart disease, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, cancer, diabetes, inflammation, arthritis, eye disorders, mental and brain disorders and ulcers. Fish oil also helps in weight loss, pregnancy, skin care, and fertility. Fish oil is not bad per se, but what if there is another source of the essential fatty acid that is more potent, powerful and sustainable? Today, the ocean is over-fished because the world needs a high demand for fish products and fish oil. If the fish population is depleted, then the balance in the ecosystem will collapse and it will have a devastating effect on the marine food chain.


Squid And Calamari Sustainability

Using calamari or squid as an alternative source of omega-3 is not just better but it more sustainable. Let’s discuss how calamari is a sustainable source. By definition, sustainable development is a type of development that meets today’s needs and does not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It is a general representation of sustainability which is further discussed about the world’s ocean. More than 2 million tons of squid are caught all over the world every year. Out of this catch of the food grade squids are not used for human consumption. The omega-3 rich calamari is sourced from this unutilized percentage of the catch which is more or less 200,000 tons. Whenever we think of the pressure on some fish species, it becomes clear that we must think of utilizing the byproduct of all marine resources that are caught, thus all the trimmings and other cutoffs that are usually thrown away are maximized and utilized to make such products as omega-3 supplements.

Calamari only has 450 days to live, are resilient to fishing pressure and has a low reproductive age. Individual squid grows rates are very high thus calamari can acquire one unit of body weight for every two units of food that they have consumed. The body mass of calamari is continuously growing even with current fishing levels. Calamari is caught by hook line and not by industrial-sized boats thus it means that:

  1. Selective hook lines target adult squids.
  2. It does not give a negative impact to the ocean floor and does not destroy coral reefs.
  3. Fishing squids do not cause any collateral damage to other species.
  4. Made only from the trimmings of food grade calamari
  5. It is continuously assessed and managed
  6. Very clean and it has a near neutral taste and smell.

Although calamari oil is new in the market, there are no major side effects or issues that have occurred from those who have taken it. Although most experts are stating that it is better to get omega-3 through our diet because food contains additional nutrients that can help in maintaining a healthy body. If you’ve decided to go on calamari oil supplements, talk to your doctor on how to prevent any conflict on other medications that you’re taking. Be safe, smart and healthy.

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