Boost Your Metabolic Rate and Lose Weight in 7 Days

When it comes to fat burning, metabolism is an important aspect and a very crucial part of any weight loss program. It will be a complete waste of time if you try to lose weight before boosting up your metabolism.

Metabolism is the body’s process that burns body calories and converts it to energy. When you are younger, it is harder to gain weight because your muscle mass stores the energy, but when you get older, you gradually lose muscles, and body fat starts accumulating. If it continues, your body metabolism rate will also be reduced. In this stage, weight loss becomes more difficult. However, there is a detailed 7-day program to increase your metabolism rate so that you can lose the extra weight and get back on track. You can try these seven steps in seven days to see better results.

Boost Your Metabolic Rate and Lose Weight in 7 Days

Day #1: Know Your Metabolism Rate First

Metabolism works just like a car engine; if it works efficiently it will serve you better. At the beginning of the 7-day program, you must know your metabolism rate so that you can determine how much you need to improve. It is the first step to find your fat burning target. You must know the data like how many calories your body needs according to your weight and age. From that you will able to find out how much you need to boost your metabolism so that it can efficiently burn fat quickly.

Day #2: Reduce Calories Up to 100 Per Day

To remain healthy, intake of calories is important because they give energy to our body cells. We would not be capable of moving without calories. However, excess calories are not desirable. Excess calories get converted to body fat, and excess body fat means excess weight.

If you are overweight, you need to reduce the excess calories, but how? The proper and easiest way is to reduce calories up to 100 a day. Gradually your body will adjust, and your metabolism rate will be increased by burning extra body fat stored in your body.

Day #3: Start a Protein Diet

You should keep a limited amount of protein on your daily diet and eat a small amount of protein at each meal. The body burns calories by processing your consumed food. When you eat protein, your body works harder to break down the nutrients. The advantage is that the body burns additional calories when digesting protein, and this also helps to boost your body metabolism.

You should include fish to your meal twice in a week. Salmon and halibut are good choices because they consist of omega-3 fatty acids that help to enhance enzymes to aid in fat burning.

Day #4: Eat in 3-Hour Intervals

Don’t wait a long time between meals. Instead, eat every 3 hours. This way you will take in calories in small chunks over the whole day instead of larger chunks at one time. To increase your metabolism rate, it is must eat frequent meals in small amounts. If you miss a meal, your metabolism rate will decrease and your body will lack nourishment.

You should schedule eating a light meal every 3 hours. Snacks can also be added to the routine to supplement your cravings and balance out the calories you need to increase metabolism.

Day #5: Drink Iced Drinks

Another way to increase the metabolic rate is to drink cold drinks in the morning when you get up. This will burn body calories as your body attempts to increase the water temperature to match your body temperature. Additional calories can be burned by drinking green tea, coffee or iced water because the caffeine in green tea and coffee are known to boost metabolism rate. If you put ice in the water, your metabolism rate increases even more. You drink these throughout the day as well and not just in the morning.

Boost Your Metabolic Rate 2
Boost Your Metabolic Rate 2

Day #6: Take Essential Minerals

When you are full after eating, your body reacts by releasing the hormone leptin. Leptin sends a signal to your brain to let you know that you are full and can’t eat anymore. The presence of minerals like zinc helps to reduce your hunger and increase leptin levels. In several multivitamins, you can find zinc.

Day #7: Do Short Workouts

Short workout sessions work out the muscles and burn tons of calories in just a short period of time. It also boosts the metabolic rate.

This 7-day plan can truly help you increase your metabolism rate and help you lose weight in very short time. Though it is a 7-day program, you need to follow these 7 tips all year to keep fit.

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