The Best Wheys to Build your muscle – fast!

With all the brands out there promising the world to you if you just pick their product, how do you choose the right one that will address your specific fitness needs?

Whey protein is considered as far more effective than any other protein form in the market, but its effectiveness can vary widely depending on the ingredients companies add to it.

Protein is an essential part of our diet and works on building muscle, enhancing metabolism, controlling hunger and lowering blood pressure. That’s why most people engaged in fitness and sports would do better with a higher protein intake.

Here’s a list of best whey protein powders today:

1. GNC Pro Performance AMP Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60

This whey protein delivers high-protein without swamping you with carbs. It contains 10 grams of amino acid leucine and 4 grams of valine and isoleucine that helps give you enough power throughout heavy workout while enhancing your recovery time.

2. Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey

As one of the most famous whey protein brand out there, Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey consistently wins Supplement of the Year award from and is favored by athletes and fitness nuts alike because of its creamy taste and easy mixability. With 20 flavors to choose from, you’ll get 5.5 grams of naturally occurring branched a chain amino acids from a drink that tastes oh-so-good.

3. BPI Sports ISO-HD

This supplement helps jump-start muscle growth and recovery post workout FASTER than others out there because it contains a purer form of Whey isolate and hydrolysate. ISO-HD also boasts low calorie while maintaining high protein content.

Best Wheys to Build your muscle – fast!
Best Wheys to Build your muscle – fast!

4. My Protein Impact Whey

This supplement is ideal for those who wants increased lean mass and fast body fat drop. Impact Whey contains 100 percent concentrated Whey protein with no additional proteins, keeping it low in fat and carbohydrates. It contains 20 grams of protein per serving with a good dose of amino acids to aid your muscle growth and recovery.

5. Muscle Tech Performance Series Nitro-Tech

Each scoop of MuscleTech contains 30 grams of protein, 3 grams of creatine and 6.9 grams of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) for better strength and performance, making this product stand out among thousands of supplements in the market.

6. Zero Carb Isopure

If you’re looking for a low and no-carb protein option, then Zero Carb Isopure is for you. It contains 50 grams of 100 percent pure whey isolate per serving and complements it with a healthy amount of vitamins and minerals. And since this supplement is carb free, you get nothing but lean, mean, and strong muscles.

Where to get your next batch

When it comes to choosing whey proteins, you mostly have the liberty over the brand, type, and taste you prefer. You can choose from the wide choices of protein powder at Supps R Us for your next workout.

Final thoughts

Taking supplements in large quantities doesn’t mean that you’re getting the adequate protein and nutrition that your body needs. Oftentimes, we keep scanning the products, nutritional facts, but overlook the qualified certificate or seal from food and drug authorities such as Halal, GMP, Kosher and USFDA for product safety and quality.

Extra Tip: Avoid hunger by taking whey! Whey protein shakes help you reduce hunger and avoid bowling-ball belly. Researchers found out that among 28 obese men, those who consume beverages containing 50 grams of whey had a reduced level of ghrelin, the hormone that tells your brain you’re hungry.

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