Five Best Ways to Ease The Problem Of Computer Eye Strain

by Temilola Waliu Globalwalyy

Nearly every one of us have access to computer system either at home or in our offices, most people sit in front of computer from the start of working hour to the closing hour of the day, we feel some strain in our eyes and if not properly taken care of, it can lead to eye damage. Some will even return from work and get home to go straight and power on their laptop to respond to some personal emails they are unable to respond to while they are at work. To some also, from computer to phone, from phone to television without given the eyes some rest. It is a bad idea and bad ways of life. We should remember that our eyes is the light to our body if someone looses their eyes, it is more less they are in darkness for the rest of their eyes.

There ways to combat this eyes strain and that is the purpose of this post. Below are the best 5 ways to ease the problem of eye strain.

Make Eye Blinking a Habit : Most often time we tend not to blink our eyes when we are doing any serious work on our computer and this causes us lots of strain in our eyes. Cultivating the habit of blinking when looking into the computer system will not only help reduces the strain in our eyes but also make the eyes look healthy. If you blink and you’re not satisfied with your eyes, then close them and perhaps if that is not enough please use eye drop.

Learn to Massage: At times, when we work in from of our computer screen for long time, we get tense especially the forehead muscles. Just take a few minutes to massage the forehead and your neck. Don’t forget to massage the brow too which is the closest place to the eyes. If you can get someone to that for you, it will be better.

The lightning system at night: The intensity of lighting system at home at night can add to the problem of eye strain if we do not learn to reduce the lightning system at night when return from work. All you need is a gentle, soft light that’s not too bright or high intensity, but still illuminates properly. Try dimming a light, or turning on lamp rather than the main light. You will see the different in the way your eyes feel. Don’t put your eyes under strain from too little or too much light.

Take some Rest when return from work: When you get home, avoid near work for a period of time. You’ve been working on a screen all day so don’t jump right into checking your email, or looking at your phone or even read for about an hour.

Five minutes Strategy: Give yourself five minutes, get comfortable, close your eyes, take off your glasses if you wear them, slow down, relax and take deep breaths. Just for a five minutes to really give your eyes a break.

I hope these best five ways to ease the problem of computer eyes strain will work for you just as it work for me over here. Don’t forget to let us hear your feedback, let know what you think and if you’re not too clear about this article please use the comment form below to ask us any question and we will answer as soon as time permit. Till then!

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