The Benefits of Same Day Crowns

In some cases, patients may have a tooth or several teeth that are badly damaged, but not to an extent that they have to be extracted. In such a case, dentists cap the damaged teeth with crowns. When professionally done by a trained dentist, crowns can strengthen the damaged teeth and protect them from further damage. Regardless of the type of crown that is being installed, the medical practitioner will first get rid of the damaged/decayed parts of the tooth prior to installing the crown. With regards to crown types, patients today can choose between the modern, same-day crowns and traditional crowns. The two crown types differ in various ways with the same day crowns having more benefits to offer than the traditional crowns.

How are Same Day Crowns Possible?

Owing to technological advancements, it is now possible to have crowns created and installed on the same day. This procedure is made possible by CEREC technology, one of the most advanced technologies in the industry. To start the procedure, the dentist will move a “wand”—that features a small camera—along the damaged teeth. This is done in order to create a 3D image of the teeth and your mouth in general. With this image, CEREC software comes up with the most appropriate crown design for your teeth. This design is sent to the Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) unit, which uses Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to curve the required crown(s). After an hour, your crowns will be ready for installation, which makes it a one day procedure. In addition to its convenience, the same day crowns have a horde of benefits to offer, including:

Benefits of Same Day Crowns
Benefits of Same Day Crowns
  1. Aesthetic Appeal

This procedure allows for the production of crowns that appear natural. In this regard, CEREC technology can produce crowns in more than 17 shades—all of which have an appearance similar to that of natural teeth. Additionally, the associated fillings used in this procedure also have a natural appearance. The dentist carrying out this procedure may also adjust the color of your teeth using a touch-up brush. This ensures that the color of your teeth is similar to that of the crowns installed. This not only allows you to have a beautiful smile, but also makes it impossible for other people to know that you have crowns.

  1. Extended Durability

As compared to the traditional crowns, same-day Ceramic crowns are long lasting. This durability may be attributed to the fact that the same day crowns are stronger than traditional crowns. As such, the use of same day crowns makes it impossible for your teeth to break as a result of hard biting or teeth clenching. With same day crowns, less of the healthy tissue of the damaged tooth has to be removed for the crown to be installed. This way, the teeth will not be weakened by the removal of more tooth tissue. This also contributes to the remarkable durability of these crowns.

  1. Highly Customizable

By using modern technology, the CAM unit and CAD software ensure that the crowns produced are customized to your individual requirements. As such, this technology is renowned for their outstanding custom fit. By positioning the crown closer to the contours of the initial teeth ensures that the new teeth are natural looking. Additionally, this technology allows for a superior bite pattern after the procedure. By customizing the same day crowns precisely to your needs, this technology allows you to have the beautiful smile you have always desired.

In addition to the above mentioned benefits, these same day crowns are comparatively affordable and most of all, comfortable! It is because of these benefits that an increasing number of patients are opting for same day crowns, rather than the traditional crowns. No one wants to be in  pain for days to have a procedure done.

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