How to Become a Healthcare Entrepreneur Without Becoming a Doctor

How to Become a Healthcare Entrepreneur Without Becoming a Doctor

Your dreams of success as a doctor are not achieved by simply getting through medical school and your internship. At that point, what you are presented with is a mountain of debt and no job. 

You still have to do something with that education. And that is when it hits you that the medical field is a business. You still have to master that element of the job.

As a doctor, you have many options in front of you. One of them is to start your own medical clinic. That will bring together your knowledge of medicine, your aptitude with patients, and your acumen for managing people and finances. 

But the medical field is expansive and has room enough for more than doctors and nurses. There are a number of business opportunities in the wider field known as health care.

You have options depending on your financial goals, the level of education you are willing to achieve, and the amount of time you are willing to spend in preparation. 

There are a lot of people involved in the business of helping people. Here are some ways you can break into the business without the challenges of med school:

Massage Therapy

One of the great things about getting into massage therapy is that the cost of entry isn’t much more than a good massage table. Of course, you have to find a location to open a practice. Even that is optional if you decide to make it a mobile business.

Another great thing about the business is that you can get started with months rather than years of training. You can invest hundreds into your education rather than hundreds of thousands.

Perhaps the best part is that you can literally touch the lives of your clients and bring them immediate results. They are always happy to see you, and happy to make the next appointment. Those who believe in massage really love it. You seldom have to explain the benefit of what you do. Your clients will be looking for you.

Medical Transcription, Coding, and Billing

Medical transcription, coding, and billing might well be among the best jobs on earth. Transcriptionists turn recorded doctor’s notes into intelligible print documentation. Coding is the alchemy of turning everything related to patient care into billable code. And no one gets paid without billers. Coding and billing usually go together, but don’t have to.

There are many things that make these jobs great. Transcription is usually done from home. It is one of the best work from home opportunities you can have.

Coding and billing are generally done from the hospital or clinic. It pays well. The average salary is between $45k – $65K. And if you have aspirations to move up in healthcare administration, there is no better stepping stone.

You don’t have to spend a day in medical school dealing with anatomy. Yet your work is so important, the wheels of healthcare grind to a halt without someone doing these jobs. 

There is high demand for professionals who do this work, and all signs point to that trend continuing far into the future. 

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a lot more like exercise and fitness, except with medical leanings. It is a career that attracts dancers, coaches, athletes, and people who are generally enthusiastic about fitness. 

But many in that group also want to do something to directly help other people get well and recover from injury. Physical therapy combines physical interaction with patient care. 

You will work in special treatment facilities with lots of gym equipment, as well as in hospitals and doctor’s offices. Starting salary is around $53,000. And it goes up every year with experience.

Unlike transcription, you are looking at a 4-year degree in physical therapy to get started. It is heavy on biology. You will be working as closely with patients as a doctor. You take over care before surgery in hopes of avoiding it, or after surgery to get them back to full functionality. 

The medical field is bristling with opportunity for people of all budgets, education, and aspirational goals. Massage is almost fanatically beloved. Transcription, billing, and coding allow for a great deal of versatility and growth. And physical therapy is extremely rewarding. There is a place for you in the business of healing.

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  1. Charles Kay says

    I agree with you that starting a massage therapy is one of easiest healthcare ventures to get started. It’s far less expensive when compared to starting a medical clinic. The other listed health businesses are great too,
    Thanks for sharing.

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