Are Terpenes Legal? What You Should Know About Terpenes

We, as a whole, are advancing in each field at a rapid pace. Botanists have discovered a variety of plants that have continued to contribute positively to the world either in the field of medicine or in some other way. But people have abused these discoveries in many ways. These substances are used for illicit purposes which were not the motive of it being discovered. One clear example is cannabis.

When it comes to cannabis, the first question that comes to mind is that is it legal? Federally, cannabis itself is illegal however there is a gradual change of legislative attitude towards its usage. Some U.S states have declared some components of cannabis such cannabidiol (CBD) legal. Arizona is one of the states that have adopted this view.

There are approximately 140 compounds in cannabis. A large group of those compounds is Terpene. The odor and flavor a cannabis gets are due to the presence of terpenes in it. These aromatic organic hydrocarbons are a product of the light given to cannabis while the plant is undergrowth. They are formed inside secretory cells within glandular trichomes (hairs of the buds of a cannabis plant). Terpenes are not only found in cannabis plants. These aromatic oils are present in a large variety of plants like Pine trees.

Terpene has a protective role in cannabis. It keeps the plant safe from bacteria, fungus, and herbivores that can potentially harm them. For human patients, terpene can have interesting effects. They dissolve with fats resembling the effect of serotonin. They assist in boosting your mood and making you feel happy. It also makes a person feel more alert and vigilant.

Terpenes are also considered a sleep-aid and an anti-inflammatory substance. It has magical anti-bacterial effects and is widely appetite-suppressing.

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Are Terpenes Legal

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recognized them as safe substances. They have made them federally legal in the USA. The answer to this conflicting question is as simple as yes. Although they are a major portion of cannabis plant which in itself is illegal, terpenes are unquestionably legal. In fact, they have been legal for many decades.

This arises a confusion amongst many users that some components of cannabis are illegal while other parts are legal. The reason for this is that terpenes are naturally produced by many plants that we generally come across every day. Terpenes are generally safe and commonly used in perfumes as well. In fact, it is present in citrus fruits that we consume every day. This is why it is widely available online as well. They do not contain PCP or any mind-altering substance which would otherwise make it an illegal substance.


It is often very confusing thing to think that the cannabis plant is illegal but the components of it are not. The reasons are clearly mentioned above. They are a natural occurrence which everyone encounters in their daily life. This clarifies the confusion and gives you a green signal for its usage.

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