Tips to stay motivated after gym

Everyone loves to join gym and get fit but overtime it may happen that you start feeling low and motivation will get lost due to various factors like work pressure, less than expected input, slow progress etc.

so to keep your spirits high at that time when you are feeling low and keep your gym routine up for following the workout plans and healthy diets to keep body fit we have come up with some simple tips which might help you keep going and motivate you for better healthy and body fitness always

So come on folks without any further delays let’s see right below how can we keep ourselves motivated when we feel like quitting the gym

1. Eat healthy food

After gym you need to take proper nutrition rich food as it acts as fuel so you can eat food items like roasted nuts, protein rich items like lentils, grilled fish along with tofu prepared on the best gas grill and stay away from junk food to keep yourself healthy and fit. Doing this will help you stay focused on your body fitness and encourage you keep going to achieve your long and short term fitness goals without any hiccups.

To make your food tasty you can cook them in grills as it will help you get best taste from the healthy food without compromising on your health and keep yourself motivated.

2. Find a gym buddy

To keep going to gym and yourself motivated to workout you can accompany a gym buddy like your friend who already goes to gym as it will motivate you to work out and keep your diet healthy for better health and fitness.

He can also help you with exercises like bench press, heavy weight lifting in gym. Make sure he is good with you and also motivated to take fitness to next level and doesn’t discourage you while you work on your fitness goals. Doing this will help you keep going on days when you feel low and dejected.

3. Change fitness regimes

While working out it might happen that you may get bored with your fitness routine, so to make things interesting again you can change your fitness routine, change the exercises you do, opt in for high intensity workout training for some time as it will increase the body metabolism and endurance. Changing workout time can also help you as you can work out in evening or morning as these are best time for exercise due to activeness of mind.

If you don’t like indoor workout then join some outdoor gym or go to garden every morning for workout, you can also peruse low impact fitness options like yoga, Zumba, aerobics etc. to warm up and have a low impact workout for some time before you get back on track for intense workout.

4. Analyse your progress

After every few weeks you need to analyse your progress by checking your BMI, weight and body physic as it will motivate you to keep going. To keep an eye on the fitness you can take pics of yourself after every month to see the change in your body and fitness levels. When you will start noticing the changes in your body you will feel elevated and good.

You can also watch some motivational fitness videos on internet to keep your spirits high for taking your body fitness to next level and keep yourselves healthy always.

5. Reward your self

I am firm believer of statement that hard work should be rigorous, regular and rewarding. So after an intense workout session at gym to take your fitness to next level it is good to unwind yourself by rewarding yourself whatever you like the most like read books, eat some tasty grilled food cooked on grills which use charcoal as it adds great flavour to food after you work out at gym, unwind yourself with some casual walking, jogging, swimming sessions, a game of basketball, indulge in spa session, listen to music, watch movies etc. to get your body and mind relaxed for next workout session and better day at work.

Hope you like the tips shared above to stay motivated after gym workout to keep going with your fitness regime for better health and body fitness. Share this with your buddies to keep them motivated and their spirits high while pursuing their fitness goals.

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