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Stories of Surrogacy, Ukraine

Choosing to have a child via surrogacy can sometimes prove to be a difficult choice. In the last few years, the Ukraine has proven its dependability in business of surrogacy. With progressive legislation, excellent medical care, and lower costs, it has become a go to choice for couples across the globe. We talked to two […]

Breastfeeding. Is My Baby Getting Enough Breast Milk?

Knowing the basic things about breastfeeding and effect of breastfeeding to a child will go a long way in helping the nursing mother to be willingly ready at all time to breastfeed their baby. Certain countries don’t allow breastfeeding to the public and this makes it sometimes difficult for the mother to breastfeed their children […]

Ten common causes of fertility problems in women

It is always a dream of most women to bear a child of their own. But unfortunately, some women have problems conceiving or even carrying the pregnancy until the due date where they suffer a miscarriage along the way. Some of the causes of this problem are due to fertility problem in women, and in […]

Everything you wanted to know about Fibroid Tumors

Exactly what is Fibroid Tumors? Fibroid Tumors are the most regularly seen tumors of the feminine reproductive system. Fibroids, often known as uterine myomas, leiomyomas, or fibromas, are compact tumors that are made of smooth muscle cells and fibrous combinatorial tissue that develop in the uterus. Approximately between 20 to 50% women of reproductive age […]

How breast feeding benefits you and your baby

Why Breast Feeding Your Child is so important? As the embryo develops in the womb and passes several stages in its development, multifarious hormones’ secretion affects physiological and physical state of the woman also affecting the breast in this process; there is an increase in size of the woman’s breast which would start producing milk […]

What is a menopause and common symptoms of Menopause?

Menopause is when a woman’s menstrual period stops permanently. Menstrual  Periods can stop for a while and then start again, so a woman is considered to have been through menopause only after one year without periods. What are the particular symptoms of menopause? The menopause is a usual part of life – this can be […]