Platinum Dental Surgery Opens The State Of The Art Dentistry Branch in Obanikoro/Anthony. Lagos

Platinum Dental Surgery Opens The State Of The Art Dentistry Branch in Obanikoro/Anthony. Lagos

At Platinum Dental Surgery Clinic, We are excited to announce that, due to our remarkable growth over the last 6 years, we are expanding!

We opened a new branch in 1 Fawole Lane Obanikoro/Anthony. Lagos. The clinic, which has its head office in Ikosi Ketu, Lagos, will not only major in therapeutic and cosmetic dental care, but will focus on preventive care in other to tackle dental problems from the root cause.

We invite you to celebrate with us and also check us out at the state of the art dentistry. There will be many exciting surprises, including irresistible discounts.

Platinum Dental Surgery has incorporated digital X-rays, laser technology, and other innovative endodontic equipment for advanced tooth preservation.
Our aim is to improve your patient experience and results. We strive to provide more accurate dental care with enhanced technology.

About Platinum Dental Surgery

Platinum dental surgery is the #1 destination for providing quality but affordable dental service(s) ranging from cosmetic dental treatment, orthodontic teeth alignment to minor and major oral surgeries in Nigeria. No matter how simple or complex the dental challenge is, there is always a solution. Do you desire a painless dental treatment? Platinum Dental Surgery is the place to be.

Platinum dental surgery was established by Dr. Ogundeji A.O. on April 25th, 2013, with the aim of providing quality dental treatments with ultramodern dental equipment. Since then, platinum dental surgery has always been a trendsetter for various Dental Treatments like “Dental Implants, Laser Dentistry, and Cosmetic Dental Treatments.”

The Wide popularity of Platinum dental surgery has mandated us to open the second branch at 1 Fawole lane Anthony/Obanikoro area of Lagos. Both clinics are well equipped with the latest instruments and modern infrastructure to cater to our patients with comprehensive end-results. The clinic is considered as the epitome of quality dentistry in Lagos.

We have connections with several experts in the field of dentistry and that makes us stand out as a go-to dental clinic in Nigeria
Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best customer service experience possible. Your satisfaction is so important to us.

Platinum Dental Surgery clinic is a customer-oriented dental care center providing affordable dental services for you ranging from cosmetic dentistry to gum treatment childhood dentistry and general dental practice.

Our friendly and competent staff are dedicated to patient comfort and quality of care. Consumer service is our top priority. Our Office, with 4 fully functional operatories and qualified personnel provides the best treatment options for our clients.

Our focus ranges from general dental treatment to specialized dental services which include; Cosmetic dentistry (Teeth whitening, veneers & dental crowns), Dental Implants, Maxillofacial Surgery, and Orthodontic dentistry.

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  • Victoria

    Great information. Always good to see progress in the health sector .

  • Varun Sharma

    Thank you for sharing this useful post. I appreciate your hard work.