How to measure your bra size correctly.

Having a wrong bra size can have severe consequences on woman’s health. Not only it feels uncomfortable, but it can damage the skin and affect other things as well. Every woman must wear the bra in the perfect size to avoid numerous problems. However, sometimes picking an incorrect bra size is not easy and there are many women out there that do not know how to measure their size. Luckily, there are tools and step by step instructions with which you can quickly determine your size. Make sure you follow the next advice, and you will have no problems in picking a bra that will perfectly fit in your breasts.

If you do not know whether you are wearing the right size, then there are a few signs you need to pay attention to. For example, if you see that the cups are wrinkled or if the underwire is poking your beasts, straps are slipping or there is a cup spillage, then these are good indicators that your bra size is not correct. Also, keep in mind that there are some factors that also influence the size of your bra. Those elements can be weight gain or weight loss, pregnancy, exercise plans and so on. If you have faced problems with your bra, then you can consult professionals to help you, or you can follow the advice mentioned here and measure the bra size by yourself.

There are a few steps that you need to follow to measure the bra size correctly. The first step is to determine the exact size of your band. To do this, first, take your bra off and measure the size around the band’s bottom, right under the bust. The tape for measuring must tell me snug and level. Also, remember to round up to the closest whole number. For even numbers, you need to add precisely four inches, while if the number is odd, you need to add five inches. The sum of this calculation will give you your exact band size.

Next thing to do is to measure your bust. To do this, just wrap the tape around the bustiest part of your breasts and then round up to the nearest number. For calculating the cup size, you need to do some simple calculation. You will know your cup size if you subtract the band size from the bust measurement. As you can see, calculating the cup size is not that hard as all you need to do is refer to a chart and you will know your size.

If you are interested to know whether a certain bra fits, you can follow some tips for that. At the waist, move forward, slip the bra and then hook it. That way your breasts will be entirely inside the cups. Next, adjust the bra band, so the back and front of the bra are leveled. Always make sure that your bra is not very loose as it needs to hold your breasts firmly. If there are falling straps fix them by tightening them up. Check yourself by looking in the mirror sideways and make sure that your breasts are in the middle of your elbows and shoulders. Always pick a bra that correctly fits when it is secured on the hook that is on the outer side. Now when you know all this, you can start searching for your perfect bra for any occasion. Keep in mind the mentioned things here, do some simple calculations, and you will have no problems in measuring your bra size correctly. If you think your breast size is too small, you can read these breast enhancement reviews to get some advice on natural breast enhancement.

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