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5 New Ways to Get Access to Healthcare

5 New Ways to Get Access to Healthcare Healthcare has experienced a renaissance in the past five years with the passage of new laws that strive to give health insurance to all and with more ways people can get access to wellness services. Not that long ago, most people only had the option of seeing […]

How High-tech imaging saves cost and lives

High-tech imaging saves cost and lives Masked Presentation Identified using Hi tech Imaging , reveals new findings in a middle aged Lady Interventional Cardiologist of Apollo Hospitals Dr G Sengottuvelu’ s case study published in Journal of American college of cardiology shows “ new findings in healing heart blocks seen by advanced imaging techniques” Chennai, September 2014: […]

Medical Tourism in Thailand

Traveling has become one of the favorite pastimes for the most of us. Seeing the beautiful sunset on the beach together with your loved ones is undoubtedly one of the best feelings in the world. Having a relaxing day off from all the stress brought about by the daily grind truly rejuvenates a tired mind […]