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Stories of Surrogacy, Ukraine

Choosing to have a child via surrogacy can sometimes prove to be a difficult choice. In the last few years, the Ukraine has proven its dependability in business of surrogacy. With progressive legislation, excellent medical care, and lower costs, it has become a go to choice for couples across the globe. We talked to two […]

How to Make Breast Milk Fattier for Promoting Baby’s Growth

Moms will always do what’s best for their babies, and that includes looking for ways to improve the quality of their breast milk. While breast milk already contains all the nutrients the baby needs, milk with more fat content has more calories, which is essential for kids to gain weight. Understanding Breast Milk Mothers only […]

Pregnancy Hormones and Headaches

If I told you that pregnancy hormones tend to make pregnant women a bit touchy, your reaction would go in one of two ways. The first reaction would be a rolling of the eyes with a “well, duh!’ type of expression. The second reaction would be a very huffy and emphatic ‘no they don’t, you’re […]

What you should know about Breastfeeding And Diabetes

Breastfeeding And Diabetes If you are a diabetic and have a baby, there are certain things to keep in mind while you are breastfeeding. First of all, studies have proven that breastfeeding a child help to prevent type 1 diabetes development. Babies who breastfeed until at least six months will be at a lower risk […]

How to cause a Miscarriage- Home Remedies

The term miscarriage is given to the loss of fetus within one’s womb during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. Sometimes, doctors use another term in place of miscarriage-spontaneous abortion. Miscarriages can occur in almost 20% of all pregnancies with an astounding 80% of those miscarriages happening before 12 weeks of pregnancy. But if you […]

The Dangers Of Black Mold most especially When You Are Pregnant

The Dangers Of Black Mold When You Are Pregnant Black mold is dangerous for every single person but its damaging effects are even more serious when referring to a pregnant woman. As you are pregnant, mold growth is something that has to be avoided where you live since the negative effects will be much more […]

Healthy Diet for Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

Overview There is no single magic pill that will help you slim down after giving birth. While most women are eager to get back into a better shape and figure after pregnancy, you shouldn’t start dieting immediately after delivery. Your body still requires time and energy to recover. Health experts recommend that you should give […]