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3 Reasons Why Senior Citizens Need Regular Health Checkups

Getting older makes life more difficult as the signs of aging begin to take their toll on our bodies. One minute you might feel perfectly healthy, and the next your body suddenly begins to break down and it’s all due to the aging process. Are you prepared to face the challenges that come along with […]

Improving Nutrition in the Elderly

Improving Nutrition in the Elderly As we age our appetite naturally decreases, so reduced food intake among the elderly is normal to some degree. But, issues like medications, certain health conditions, and depression can further restrict calories to a point where malnutrition appears. It causes a host of problems in the elderly, from impeding healing […]

8 Ways You Can Set Yourself Up for the Senior Life Possible

8 Ways You Can Set Yourself Up for the Senior Life Possible   As the years go by, it is natural that aging becomes a concern. You may know people who are struggling through their senior years, dealing with physical limitations or financial insecurity. If you want to enjoy your senior life rather than worry, […]

How To Prevent Falls in Elderly People in Your Home

If you have an elderly family member or friend residing in your home, you’ll have to be very careful to prevent them from falling because falls are the main cause of injuries in seniors. They can lead to hip fractures, cuts, head injury and sometimes even death.

What I’ve Learned as a Care Giver for My Grandma

My grandma, like many others, went through hardships just before their retirement resulting in a large part of her retirement funds wiped out. Most of what money remained was spent caring for my grandpa before his eventual passing — it didn’t leave her much to work with. I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) see this person I […]

How to Find a Caregiver for an Aging Parent

Finding a skilled and compassionate caregiver for an aging parent may seem like a daunting task. However, breaking this big assignment down into smaller ones can make the search much easier. Before you even begin to look for a good home care worker, assess your parent’s needs first. Find out what your parent’s expectations are […]

Caregivers Alleviate Social Isolation in the Elderly

Today, isolation is recognized as one of the greatest challenges facing the mental health of seniors in Calgary. Elders want to stay rooted in their communities as they get older for a number of reasons. They have deep social ties to their neighbours, they attend faith-based institutions in the area, and they rely on local […]

Who Needs a new Stair Lift?

A stair lift is a great investment in home safety and accessibility. Anyone who have mobility or accessibility issues can reap the benefits of installing this device into their home. There are different kinds and models available to choose from, providing a wide offering of options for everyone. Although these lifts are designed to provide […]

Important of Mobility aids for old ages parents

Mobility aids are the devices or equipment that enables a disabled or injured person to move from one place to another as independently as possible. You’ll be amazed at the vast range of mobility aids now available to make life much less strenuous. There are so many walking aids for the elderly  and old ages parents […]