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What You Need To Know About Chemotherapy Treatment

What You Need To Know About Chemotherapy Treatment Are you or someone in your family starting chemotherapy? Chemotherapy or simple chemo, as you likely already know, is a treatment of drugs that are used to kill cancer cells or at the very least, slow the progression of such cells. Some people have to constantly undergo […]

How World Cancer Day Brings Awareness to Early Detection of Cancer

Cancer effects millions of people; those who are fighting their battle against the disease and those who are close to them and support them. It is a battle that rages on while medical professionals and researchers work tirelessly to find a cure. Meanwhile, raising awareness to cancer is one way people can learn more about […]

Skin Changes During Cancer Treatments – Diagnosed With Cancer

Cancer patients may experience common side effects of cancer treatment like rashes, itching and dryness. These could be hurting or affecting looks. The preferred health care group is an essential source of information to know about skin care while treatment. There also are easier, practical stuffs one can do to for controlling problems. If you […]

Reducing the Risk of Breast Cancer with Exercise

Reducing the Risk of Breast Cancer with Exercise Exercise is a great way to keep your body in shape, but its benefits don’t stop there. With regular exercise, you can avoid having to experience life threatening sicknesses and diseases like breast cancer. However, not all exercise routines help with reducing the risk of the disease. […]

9 foods that prevents and fight breast cancer

Breasts cancer is a kind of cancer that evolves from breast cells. Breasts cancer usually begins in the inner lining of milk ducts or the lobules that supply them with milk. A cancerous tumor can spread to other parts of your body. A breast cancer that started off in the lobules is known as lobular […]

Early symptoms of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer takes time to produce chronic and severe symptoms. Therefore, it is important that one knows the early symptoms of lung cancer in order to recognize the disease early and prompt treatment can be given. All of these indications and symptoms which display on the early stages of cancer should be discovered in little […]

What is Brain Tumor, Causes and Symptoms ?

What exactly is Brain Tumor? A tumor is a mass of tissue that’s formed by a buildup of abnormal cells. Commonly, the cells in your system age, die, and are usually replaced by new cells. With cancer and some other tumors, something disrupts that cycle. Tumor cells develop, even though the body doesn’t need them, […]

What is Mouth cancer, Symptoms, Causes and treatment?

What exactly is Mouth Cancer? Mouth cancer is a cancer that can develop in any part of the mouth, including the tongue, the gums, the palate (roof of the mouth), under the tongue, the skin lining the mouth or the lips. Mouth cancer also called oral cancer. There are around 4,700 cases that are diagnosed […]