Best Incontinence Nappies for Adults and how to get rid of Adult Nappy Rashes?

It is an undeniable medical fact that due to bladder or pelvic problems, adults, including men and women both, suffer from acute urinary incontinence so that they require wearing nappies that are especially designed for them. Along with the color, size, design and material, you must also know about the manufacturing and the expiry date when you choose the incontinence nappies for adults.

  • The best adult diapers can easily be disposed but there are also varieties that can be reused. Good quality diapers help one to avoid smelling or spillage of liquid feces or urine in any form.
  • There are diapers that can easily be worn as it is, or they can be worn inside undergarments, to avoid any itching or problems in movement. The best incontinence nappies also come in the form of underwear, so that the person wearing these does not have to wear additional underwear to hide urinary incontinence.
  • The incontinence nappies for adults must be chosen after knowing whether the wearer is male or a female.
  • It is very important to choose the right kind of fecal diaper also, as in case the fecal matters spread through the underwear or spoils the dresses, then this can be the cause of unnecessary embarrassment for any individual.
Tren woman with menstruation pad covering face.
Tren woman with menstruation pad covering face.

Why Adult Nappy Rashes are caused? How can they be overcome?

Adults are generally not much comfortable in discussing issues related to major urinary incontinence, as they feel embarrassed to discuss these things in public. To make matters worse, there are also cases in which they suffer from sores, blisters and rashes and acne in their private parts due to urinary infection, and due to the liquid coming into contact with their skin, and the skin getting abraded against the diapers:

  • Nappy rash is nothing but dermatitis or an inflammation of the skin area around the pelvic joints, the groin and the genitals, whereby an individual suffers from small acnes, pimples, and red rashes which give them an itching sensation.
  • They need anti-bacterial and anti-fungal medicines or powders to treat these forms of nappy rashes, or else, they can also use medicated varieties of incontinence nappies for adults.
  • They might also suffer from bright red satellite sores that are generally found at the top of the affected genital areas. In other words, any form of bacterial or fungal infection may lead to small or big nappy rashes and they need to be controlled right from the beginning when an individual sees the signs of these rashes.
Adult Nappy Rashes
Adult Nappy Rashes

How to counter the Adult Nappy Rashes?

The simple answer is, by wearing cotton undergarments and diapers, or by switching over to incontinence nappies for adults, that have medicated properties, or that come equipped with aloe vera or cucumber gel. Apart from these the adult nappy rashes can also be controlled by the following techniques:

  • The quality and the brand of the incontinence nappies for adults must be chosen very carefully, because, if they are made of cotton, then they do not abrade the skin, but if they are made of synthetic materials, then that can have a detrimental effect on the skin.
  • The incontinence nappies for adults must be changed regularly. They need to be disposed, and not cleaned and worn again. If you feel that the skin feels wet, then immediately you should change the nappy.
  • You must use a personal hygiene cleaner or soap that has a normal pH balance and that is not coarse on your skin.

Finally, it is also important that you consult a dermatologist for avoiding the nappy rash, avoid fried foods, and try not to cover the area for too long, as that might lead to suffocation and blisters on the genital areas.

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