Accident Claims can Improve Your Life after an Injury

The disruption caused following an accident can be devastating. Many people find themselves living in reduced financial circumstances as well as having to accept a lesser degree of physical or mental health as a result of an accident.

What to do after an accident

If you’ve suffered multiple injuries as a result of a serious road accident and you were not to blame, you will need to start considering your future. You’ll probably have to buy a new car, take time off work for physiotherapy and if you work for a company that doesn’t pay you for sick leave, your worries will start to mount, as well as the bills.

Worry is never good for recovery so as soon as you are convalescing you should think about contacting a professional firm. A road accident is frightening enough and if the future looks bleak then it’s always a good idea to take some positive action and see if your situation can be improved.


All accidents can damage your health

If a careless driver has knocked you off a curb or if you’ve had a car accident as a result of the local council not carrying out their legal responsibility to maintain the roads, you may be eligible for compensation. Even if your accident was caused as a result of an uninsured driver, you can still make a complaint and your solicitor will see if you are able to receive compensation paid for by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau, (MIB) which was set up in 1946 to deal with this type of eventuality. The MIB also pays compensation in cases of hit and run accidents, where the driver doesn’t stop, under the Untraced Drivers’ Agreement.

Potholes cost you money

As a result of the local authority cutbacks, many councils are not maintaining their roads to the standards they should be. As a consequence of their inaction, in 2012, Britannia Rescue discovered that £4.8 million has been paid out due to accidents and motor vehicle damage across the UK. However slight the damage to your car or yourself might seem at the time of the accident, you should always seek legal advice to discover whether you can make a claim against a local authority. Anyone can contact a specialist injury solicitor; either online or over the phone and they’ll soon tell you if your claim is justified. A damaged car can be expensive to repair; a damaged person might have to face life-changing circumstances and is entitled to all the advice, compensation and expertise that they can obtain.

Change of circumstances

Most people find it difficult to bounce back after an accident and compensation will take this into account. You may need counselling as well as extra physical therapy in order to adapt to your post-accident circumstances. Financial compensation will, at least alleviate your financial cares and give you the time and peace of mind to recover from your injuries.


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