7 Things You Need To Know About Tantric Massage

Tantric massage contrary to many popular perceptions is just not about heights of sensual gratification but more about all round therapeutic reliefs from stress, fatigue and strains that we develop in our fast paced lifestyle. According to the ancient tradition of Tantra our body consists of various circulatory channels that from time to time require to be massaged for better circulation of body fluids and key elements like blood, sweat, hormones, nerve signals, etc. Through a full body tantric massage these fluid channels are opened and relieved from impurities and strains.

When your brain and nervous function receives good amount of oxygenated blood circulation, your skin glands get cleared of the congestions, it positively affects in aggravating your sensual perception and waking your deep seated kundalini (sexual) energy. Thus tantric massage ensures a total well being along with sensual gratification, but there are few important things to make the massage reap its therapeutic as well as sensual outcome to the fullest. Let us provide here some essential tips for tantric massage.

tantric massage

1.     Be a bit familiar and cozy before starting the massage

 The subject of your massage must feel your closeness; otherwise the basic objective of waking up the senses with caressing massage is lost. Share a few amicable words, get a bit familiar and let him feel the warmth of your personality in sensual expression.

 2.     Don’t sound too professional or too liberal

While making a few ground rules clear do not sound too professional, because professionalism expressed in sharp contour does not go well with the caressing and loving role of tantric massage. On the other hand if you cannot give an impression that you are disposed to anything. So it is better to strike a balance between the two opposites while dealing with the client.

3.     Make the ambience aromatic

 A pleasant and sensual aroma is just not for the gratification of the senses but it is equally a therapeutic aid in tantric massage. An aromatic ambience that let your subject feel sensual with every gust of breath can do a lot to relax the nerves and invigorate the senses.

 4.     Use a mix of more than one essential oil with a pleasant scent

Oil used for tantric massage expectedly should be pleasantly aromatic and it has been seen that making a perfectly balanced combination of two or more essential oils provide a better effect than single one.

5.     At the beginning try to relax your partner’s nerves

 While beginning try to relax your partner’s nerves by massaging the meridian line of the body. In most cases nervous tension, restlessness and stress do not let the person open up his senses and providing relaxing massage to cool down nerves can ultimately lead to better sensual pleasure and rejuvenation.

 6.     Try to relax neck, shoulder and back muscles first

Begin the massage in the back, shoulder and neck muscles first as these are the most stress affected areas in body and relaxing them the person get ready for the invigorating sensual heights.

7.     Use long and smooth movements arouse your partner

 While massaging the client from front use long, smooth and circular movements to arouse your partner’s senses slowly. Tantric massage is about experiencing the body to the fullest without any prefixed goal and so the relaxed senses of the subject should response to your smooth sensual touch slowly rather than being all worked up.

  1. Elvis says

    Wow I just imagine it right now and I’m thinking it will really relief your stress out, thank you for this informative article, hope you have more to come. keep it up and i will surely try this!

  2. Tantra Sphere says

    Interesting post. But I also agree with the comment above @High Care. Each Tantric Massage parlour/salon has their own methodologies which work well with each masseuse independently.

  3. High Care says

    An OK manual. I think its way more important to choose the right saloon thought, because that makes a difference. They make sure those things are fine for you, in a good saloon.

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