7 Proven Ways to Lose Weight Naturally

Some people do not feel the urge to hit the gym or go for a walk despite the rapid rise in body weight. But there are some natural ways to lose weight which can help in shredding a few pounds if followed regularly. The following tips and ways can help you achieve your targeted weight if followed regularly.

  1. Avoid the Intake of Sugar and Starch

Sugar is one of those food items responsible in rapid weight gain and obesity. Consuming excess amounts of sugar can lead to weight gain and other health problems such as diabetes. Sugar is the key ingredient in manufacturing unhealthy and highly processed food items, which are bad for your health and weight loss regime. Consuming starch in large quantities can also lead to weight gain. Hence, controlling the amount of sugar and starch in your daily diet is very essential for a healthy and rapid weight loss.

  1. Chew Slowly and Frequently

Chewing each bite slowly helps in less consumption of food and makes you feel full quickly. When you chew your food slowly and with more counts, your stomach has sufficient time to send a signal to your brain to stop eating any further. This helps in avoiding overeating and you tend to consume fewer calories, which ultimately helps in weight loss. Remember to chew your food at least 35 to 45 times per bite.

  1. Drink a Large Amount of Water, Specially Before Meals

Drinking around 8 to 10 glasses of water per day helps in staying hydrated and clears the toxins from your body. Drinking water also helps in clearing your skin and stay stress free. The detoxification which is carried out during the day helps in burning fat and thus losing weight. Drinking water before 15 to 20 minutes of your meal helps you eat less, feel full and cut down on calories. Consuming 2 to 3 liters of water daily can shed a number of pounds quickly and healthily.

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  1. Store Healthy Food For Snacking

During your weight loss regime, it is advised to eat around 5 to 6 times a day, but in small quantities. You tend to get hungry if you are consuming small portions during the day. Snacking in between meals is healthy, but make sure you keep only healthy food items around. Light snacks such as fruits, air popped popcorn, nuts, protein bar, berries and roasted chickpeas are a few examples. These snacks will make you full until the next meal without adding a huge number of calories. According to Healthy System slimming diet, remember to consume smaller portions of these snacks too, or you shall end up overeating those, which might exceed your daily calorie limit.

  1. Avoid Stress Eating

Eating out of emotional stress rather being hungry can add a number of calories with you being completely unaware. Work load, emotional deals and personal life can get you stressed. Stress releases hormones such as cortisol which increases your appetite and lowers ghrelin which regulates your appetite. To avoid stress eating, find ways of relaxation that reduces your tension and stress. Exercise more and meditate. A daily one hour walk can also help in reducing stress, which will ultimately help you achieve a healthy body. Binge into healthy and smaller portions of snacks to combat stress eating.

  1. Consume Herbal Tea Post Meals

Herbal tea, such as ginger tea and green tea contain antioxidants and theanine which help in detoxification of the body and other health benefits. Drinking herbal tea after meals helps in burning fat and weight loss due to the caffeine and catechins that are present in it. Consuming herbal tea before meals is also beneficial because it makes you feel full and consume less food and thus fewer calories.

  1. Cook Your Meals Using Coconut Oil

Including coconut oil in your daily diet is one of the most efficient ways in losing weight naturally. It contains healthy medium chain saturated fatty acids (MCTs) which are helpful in increasing metabolism. It gives the required amount of energy on a daily basis and burns fat faster due to the increased metabolism rate. Consuming coconut oil daily leads to decreased heart related and cardiovascular diseases and combats obesity.

Remember to include these tips regularly in your daily routine. Combined with light exercises or brisk walks, you can easily get into shape without dieting and hard workouts. Soon these actions will become your habit which will help you live a healthy and satisfied life in the future.

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    Thanks for sharing the article. Really good tips for reducing the weight naturally suggested by you and can be easily followed.
    It will really work also.
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